3 Ways We Are Donating All Wrong (Feb. 2016)

What do you mean nobody wants my 30 year old toaster??
If you are decluttering your house, chances are you are taking a trip to your favourite local thrift shop to donate some pre-loved goodies, but are you helping them? Here are two pet peeves from staff at my favourite thrift shop, the Salvation Army in Fenelon Falls.

Thrift Store Rejects
If you wouldn’t buy it, they can’t sell it. If you’re like me, you hate to send anything to the dump, but if you’re sending trash to the donation box, they have to pay for it to be sent to the dump. So please only send resalable items to the donation bin. Textiles are the exception here; tired old clothes and linens can be bailed and sold in bulk to be recycled. Put all unworthy textiles in a separate bag and mark it as rags.

Hoarding Stuff From The Seventies
Another complaint from Rachel, the manager, is that people hold onto things for too long. Sure outdated thingsĀ sometimes come back into popularity but her wish is that people would share so things have a better chance of having a second life with a new owner. A good rule of thumb is that if you have not used or worn it in the past few years, it might be time to get rid of it.

Sneaky Midnight Drop Off’sThis one is my pet peeves. The last time I visited the Salvation Army it was pouring rain and there was an employee picking up a bag of soaking wet clothing someone had left behind during off hours, otherwise known as hours they do not accept donations. Do you think they took the time to dry this stuff out to save it for resale? Probably not, it probably went to dumpster along with that 30 year old toaster. If you’re in a jam and have to get rid of stuff during off hours, search out a donation box – conveniently located in at least one parking lot somewhere in your town. To find a location click here.
Now go get your donate on – properly :)
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