Beautifying Our Village With Blooms and Boughs (Nov. 2016)

butterflysThe Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society, Friends of Lock 34 and the Chamber of Commerce have been busy making our village look beautiful with flowers, benches and holiday boughs.

We wanted to take a minute to showcase the work these wonderful volunteers have been doing.

The Horticultural Society and Friends of Lock 34 installed 2 Butterfly Benches at the top of the Falls Viewing Area. The benches are custom made by a local artist Woody Farrow.



Butterfly Garden Before


Butterfly Garden After


They have re-cultivated the gardens at the top of the power station and turned the area into a lovely butterfly garden.

The  job began over a year ago and this summer the group’s efforts were realized with a flourish of blooms that attracted visitors and butterflies.

fountainThey also did a phenomenal job on the water fountain at the Chamber of Commerce Office!

They turned a non-functioning, leaking, dirty mess into a beautiful garden feature filled with flowers. It is now a warm welcome to the west side of the docks and  entry to the boat launch! It also provides a wonderful view for visitors to the tourist information centre. 

The Chamber of Commerce also has a downtown beautification committee. Brandy Watson is the Chairperson, who spends many volunteer hours towards improving our community. The flowers on the bridge, flowers in downtown planters, watering of plants around town, and winter decorations are just some of the items managed by the Chamber.

bridgeThis year, Brandy has been busy forming a group of volunteers and also gathering boughs, dried flowers, berry branches and pine cones that now adorn the bridge planters over the winter months. With the many winter activities available locally, our community can celebrate and welcome visitors all years round.

If you want to become more involved in your Town’s Beautification please don’t hesitate to contact Brandy at the Chamber of Commerce or the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society! They are all volunteers and can always use a hand!

Thanks to everyone who has been helping to make Fenelon Falls a more beautiful place filled with benches, blooms and boughs. Your efforts are having an impact in making our town better!


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