Health Benefits of Baseball for Kids (Apr. 2017)


Baseball, apart from being very popular among adults is also popular among kids. The youngsters also enjoy playing the action. But aside from just watching baseball games, many kids are encouraged to actually play the sport.

Over the years, various studies have been conducted and what the experts have found out is that baseball can give the body different benefits. Kids who play baseball are much more active and disciplined. Learn more about the benefits of children playing ball here.

So for parents, it is highly recommended that they take their kids to baseball games and if they see their children interested to try the sport, they should support their kids to play.

Lucky for family living in Fenelon Falls, our community has a wonderful league for kids. Fenelon Falls Minor Ball provides the opportunity for youth of Fenelon Falls and area to play softball and baseball in the Victoria Brock Baseball League.

The league is currently finalizing team rosters for the coming ball season. If your children are interested in playing ball this year in Fenelon and have not registered, please do so by Thursday April 20th as they will be finished setting teams up on that date.  For more information visit their website here.

Follow the Fenelon Falls Minor Ball on Facebook here.

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