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Recycle, Refinish, Re-Purpose With Style (Oct. 2015)

October 11, 2015


We hear so much today about recycling and refinishing furniture. It is a great idea to repurpose old furniture and decor. The positive environmental effects are without question. It saves trees, reduces landfill waste, reduces factory pollutants and best of all it saves money. The question is… how do I make it look good?

There is more to it than slapping a fresh coat of paint on an item and hoping that it will bring it back to life. Choosing colours, type of paint, how to distress, do you sand it first, do you use multiple colours, what about metallics ? The questions and options are endless leaving many people doubting their abilities and shying away from giving it a try.

Don’t let this intimidate you. There are resources to assist you. Look no further, the Barn and Bunkie can help you.  Brandy Watson is the local dealer for Fusion Paint and Decor Supplies. Brandy has a booth at Grr8 Finds Market and hosts workshops on “How To ReFinish with Style”.

The next workshops are scheduled for October 21st and 28th from 7pm-9pm. You can can contact Brandy at or 705-738-7369 to book. November dates are also available. This workshop will teach you the techniques you need, an understanding of colour trends and the supplies you will need. Reserve your spot today.

image3With all the supplies available locally and someone to show you the tricks, your project is a step closer towards successful completion. Consider this your official warning – this hobby is addicting.

Stop in at Grr8 Finds Market in Fenelon Falls to view the Barn and Bunkie’s projects or to find the perfect item to begin your own journey of creativity.

For inspiration and finished items, follow the Barn and Bunkie on Facebook here. 


Kawartha ATV Will Be Offering Safe Rider Programs (Oct 2015)

October 11, 2015


Learning to ride an ATV safely is no different than learning to drive a car safely. Drivers Education is the best way to ensure that new riders will be properly prepared for the sport.

Over the summer Kawartha All Terrain Vehicle Association (KATVA) trained five local instructors to be able to deliver the Canadian AQCC Safety Institute (CASI)  Hands On ATV Safe Rider Course.

The instructor training was held at Log Chateau Park, just north of Fenelon Falls, where an empty field was available to set up obstacle courses for the first students to learn new skills. The week-long intensive InstruKAT Training Poster 12x24 B_Layout 1ctor Training prepared the individuals to be able to deliver a full ATV Safe Rider Course as designed by the CASI. This course is intended to prepare new riders for safe and educated participation in the sport.

Most ATV-related fatalities in Canada are the result of warned-against behaviors, such as youth riding on adult-sized ATVs. Take some time out and learn about the proper operation of your machine, find out about helmets and other protective gear, and learn ways to dramatically reduce risk for you, your family and friends.

The course is designed to offer students a hands on approach to increasing their safety knowledge and practise their riding skills in a controlled and supervised environment. It is the most current ATV training available and highly supported and endorsed by ATV Councils and manufacturers.

It includes education in proper safety gear, safe ATV operation practises and basic riding skills. Students will practise numerous skills including safe braking, acceleration techniques, driving over obstacles, how to handle uneven or off camber surfaces, hand signals and proper shared trail etiquette.

It is recommended that all youth riders and any new adult riders strongly consider participating in this program.  KATVA will be offering the CASI ATV Rider Course in the spring of 2016.

Watch the KATVA website for details.  


Fenelon Falls Rotary Club Hosts District Governor

October 11, 2015

The Rotarians of Fenelon Falls were treated to a special guest at their meeting last week. The District Governor, Lisa Dutrisac of Sudbury, Ontario came to the Fenelon Falls Community Centre to bring a message from District Level. The Rotary Club theme for 2016 has been announced. “Be A Gift to the World” – is the message that Lisa brought to the local group of volunteers.

She discussed some of the programs that Rotary International has delivered and the unbelievable successes that they have brought to the world. The Polio Plus program which has immunized over 2 billion people has eradicated Polio in many countries around the world. Rotary has seen great strides with their World Literacy Campaigns. The well known Easter Seals program has changed lives of children in Canada and abroad.

The local club was thrilled to have Lisa come to visit and share news from the District level. A beautiful meal was enjoyed by everyone at the event, catered by SweetBottom’s.

The local Rotary Club has made significant contributions to our community as well. Have you or your children played ball at the Rotary Baseball Park in Fenelon? Rotary built that! Have you enjoyed our new community centre? They made significant donations to that project. Have you taken a walk along the locks and appreciated the landscaping and granite structure?  Rotary paid for that. Have you spent a day at the Garnet Graham Park and have your children or grandchildren played in the playground there? Thank a Rotarian because… they did that too. This is just a few of the projects Rotary contributed to!

In addition to infrastructure projects, Rotary gives to programs such as Community Care, local children’s sports and music programs, education programs, health and wellness initiatives and continually contributes to the general wellbeing of our community.   The Fenelon Falls Rotary Club and the work they have done in our community has touched each and every one of us in some form or another.  They are  “A Gift to Our World”

Would you like to get involved? Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your drive to give back. Over a meal or coffee, you will; discuss your community’s needs and discover creative ways to meet them, expand your leadership and professional skills, catch up with good friends and meet new ones.  It’s also a great way to get involved in your community.

Contact the Rotary Club through email here or call Wayne at 705-887-6638 for more information.

Harvest Happenings is Back (2015)

September 28, 2015

HHWeb2015Sept16Fenelon Falls Events Committee will present Harvest Happenings, which takes place downtown Fenelon Falls on Saturday, October 10th 2015 between 9am and noon.

Fenelon Falls Events Committee is proud to bring Harvest Happenings to Fenelon Falls for another fantastic year. Harvest Happenings is a great event to start off the fall season.

“This year we are excited to introduce our first ever Wandering Scarecrow Search” says the Events Committee. At headquarters, which is located at Slices ’N’ Scoops on Water St., children will receive a checklist and then will be sent off in search of our three (3) named wandering scarecrows.

There will be balloon twisters, creative face painting and a harvest tarts and treats table.   Make sure you enjoy famous horse drawn wagon rides!   Pumpkin painting is returning this year! Drop into headquarters and let your little ones get creative.

Visit Bert’s Appliances and help support the Fenelon Falls Secondary School Spirit of Christmas fund by enjoying fresh pancakes. Keep your eyes open for the Scarecrow displays, brought to you by our local businesses, and drop in for deals, draws and shopping.

The Fenelon Falls Events Committee, a division of the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce, is a volunteer committee of local business owners and residents of Fenelon Falls. With the sponsorship of over 70 local businesses this committee provides a festive community atmosphere all year round while also helping to promote Fenelon Falls as a tourist destination. The 7 events hosted by the committee could not be possible without the generous participation and sponsorship of local businesses.

For more information on Harvest Happenings or future events, please email

Follow the Fenelon Falls Event Committee on Facebook here for all the latest news.

Why Your Kids Should Curl (Sept 2015)

September 14, 2015

End of 2009/2010 Curling Season

If you’re interested, but not quite sure yet – let me convince you even further. Here are the top nine reasons why you should sign your children up for this great sport:

9. Curling builds important life skills including sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, and social interactions – things all young people need.

8. It’s an affordable sport. Let’s be honest – most sports can cost you a ton of money. Fortunately, curling offers families an affordable alternative.  A full season of curling (October to April) at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club only costs $64.00 per youth!

7. Curling clubs are welcoming spaces. Ask any young person who curls and they will tell you that the curling club feels like their second home.

6. Curling is also an accessible and inclusive sport. People with physical, mental, visual, and auditory disabilities all curl (and curl well!) There are also provincial events, such as Special Olympics curling. So, no matter your kids’ ability level and needs, curling can accommodate.

5. Curling is a very strategic and cerebral sport (described by many as chess-on-ice.) If you’re looking for a different kind of sport, then curling is your answer.

4. Curling is an extremely social sport. Coaches and instructors teach young curlers to compliment their opponents when they make a nice shot and to stay after the game and socialize. Many of my closest and dearest friends are curlers whom I’ve met over the years.

3. If your kids are competitive, they have plenty of opportunities to enter competitions (bonspiels) to represent their club, province, and even country! An Olympic gold medal has a nice ring to it, right?

2. If competition isn’t for your kids, then don’t sweat it. Curling clubs consist of weekly social leagues where your kids can play with and against great people, have a blast, and foster some outstanding friendships.

1. You can curl for your entire life, no problem! There aren’t many sports where you can register your child at five years of age and they’re still curling when they hit the ripe old age of 100. Curling is truly a life-long sport.

Hopefully I’ve been able to convince you (even a little) to register your children in curling. If so, please take my final advice: just do it! Head down to your local curling club now. Curlers love to introduce new people to the sport. I guarantee that once you enter the door, some eager volunteers will slap some tape on the bottom of your kids’ running shoes and have them out on the ice before you know it.

Looking forward to seeing you and your kids in the curling club soon.

Youth Curling is held on Tuesdays at 6:15 PM at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club.

Convenor Heather LeCraw 705 887-4503    Bev Vivian 705 454-3541

Check out the Fenelon Curling Club online here.

Show Us Your Grr8 Finds is Back

September 14, 2015


It is back! The wildly popular ‘Show Us Your Grr8 Finds Contest‘ is back for round two. Grr8 Finds Market in Fenelon Falls has decided to hold another contest where you can win gift certificates for posting a picture of the treasures that you purchased at Grr8 Finds Market. It can be a piece you have up-cycled, painted, re-created or just a fabulous piece found at Grr8 Finds Market.

From Oct 1st to 31st, 2015 you can show us your Grr8 Finds on the ‘Show Us Your Grr8 Finds Contest Page’ (click here). To qualify, the items have to be purchased from Grr8 Finds or painted with Fusion Paint from Grr8 Finds. Just take a picture of your Grr8 Find and post it on the “Show Us Your Grr8Find” facebook group page.

A total of 3 prizes are up for grabs by the qualifying participants. A random draw will be held for 2 gift certificates for $50 each and a Prize Basket of Fusion Products including free admission to a Fusion Workshop in November, hosted by Brandy Watson of the Barn and Bunkie.

Enter as many pieces as you like to increase your chances of winning. Let your creativity flow! Stop by the store for more details. Have fun!

Show Us Your Grr8Finds Contest


Log Chateau Park Family Fun Day (Aug 2015)

August 3, 2015

Untitled design (2)

Family camping activities have come along way for the folks at Log Chateau Park. Once a year the lucky kids at this campground get a day that is designed just for them.This year, the Park took it up a notch offering families an impressive adventure-land of fun.

The Lowel Family and the Log Chateau Recreation Committee hosted a Kids Fun Day at the Park. Bouncy Castle, Rock Climbing, Pony Rides, Dunk Tank, Face Painting, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hotdogs, Cup Cake Decorating and tons of fun, all set alongside the Pool for a cooling dip.  The smiles and laughter could be heard for miles around as the families enjoyed the incredible event.

Funds are raised throughout the year with activities and events at the park to be able to offer over 250 kids a day of fabulous fun! The organizational efforts of the staff and the committee are outstanding, as the rec. committee has become sustainable, allowing them to host the day at no cost to the children and no soliciting from local businesses.

Log Chateau Park has been family owned and operated since 1967.  The 200 acre woodland family campground is located in the heart of the beautiful Kawartha Lakes just 10 km north of Fenelon Falls on County Rd. 121.

The Park offers tent and trailer camping, cabin rentals, seasonal and week(end) rates. They have access to the Burnt River for fishing, boating and swimming and a pool, sauna and hot tub as well. They offer sites with full hookups and the grounds are equipped with numerous amenities. The Park is a family favourite, equipped with many play areas, climbing structures and swings.

The park is ATV friendly and the Victoria Rail Trails runs through the middle of the park allowing easy access to the KATVA Trail System.

To learn more about Log Chateau Park visit their website here.

SunSational Sidewalk Sale Returns (June 2015)

June 30, 2015


Is a little retail therapy in order? The Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce Events Committee is happy to host the SunSational Sidewalk Sale in Fenelon Falls Friday July 17th, Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 19th.

The Fenelon Falls Events Committee is proud to celebrate the SunSational Sidewalk Sale in Fenelon Falls for the second year in a row. A festive summer atmosphere is felt throughout the village during this height of summer event.

“The SunSational Sidewalk Sale is a three day community event where local businesses host a multitude of specials and sales” explains Dawn Billing, Events Committee Chairperson. “Come and explore the treasures as the merchants bring their wares to our streets”.

A bonus feature to the SunSational Sidewalk Sale is the SunBurst Shopping Prize, rewarded to a lucky shopper who submits a ballot to headquarters. Headquarters is located at Gr88 Finds Market (27/29 Colborne St.). With proof of purchase from one of our sponsors, during this three day event, receive a ballot for a chance to win the SunBurst Shopping Prize valued at over $200.00. Enjoy the sunshine and shop locally.

Midnight Madness will take place from 7 pm to midnight on Saturday July 18th! So stick around for some awesome deals.

For more information on these events visit

The Fenelon Falls Events Committee, a branch of the Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce, is a volunteer committee of local business owners and residents of Fenelon Falls. With the sponsorship of over 60 local businesses this committee provides a festive community atmosphere all year round while also helping to promote Fenelon Falls as a tourist destination. The 7 events hosted by the committee could not be possible without the generous participation and sponsorship of local businesses.

For more information on SunSational Sidewalk Sale please contact Dawn Billing at


Canada Day Celebrations in Fenelon Falls (June 2015)

June 21, 2015

canada day collage

You are Invited to Canada Day Celebrations in Fenelon Falls July 1, 2015

Everyone is invited to a fun-filled day featuring music, birthday cake, activities and a spectacular fireworks display in Fenelon Falls in Celebration of Canada Day. Rejoice being Canadian with your family, friends and neighbours at Garnet Graham Park, Wednesday, July 1st .  

Opening Ceremonies at 3:30pm with Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party. Birthday Cake courtesy of Sobey’s to follow. The Firefighters will be on hand to provide water fun for the kids with face painting and other kids activities.

Entertainment will be provided by Boots of Hazard in the playground & picnic area. There will also be supervised swimming 1:00-5:00pm and food available on site.

Explore the Village’s unique shops and restaurants, visit the Museum for its strawberry event or stroll along Lock 34 and watch the boat traffic.

There’s a BBQ steak dinner at the Legion starting at 5:00pm. Advance sales are required call 887-3041 and reserve your steak.

Watch a spectacular fireworks display over beautiful Cameron Lake at dark in Garnet Graham Park. Come out and join the festivities. We look forward to seeing you!

Show your love of Canada and your pride in being Canadian. Come dressed in red and white. Join the festivities and celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday!

A great day awaits you at Garnet Graham Park. This event is made possible by our enthusiastic volunteers and donations from local community groups, Chamber of Commerce, local merchants, Canadian Heritage, City of Kawartha Lakes, and the following service clubs, Royal Canadian Legion, Lions Club and the Rotary Club.

It Is Midnight Madness Time Again!

June 8, 2015

The Fenelon Falls Events Committee presents Midnight Madness, which takes place downtown Fenelon Falls on June 27th, 2015 at 7PM – Midnight.


Fenelon Falls Events Committee is proud to bring Midnight Madness to Fenelon Falls for another fantastic year. Midnight Madness is a great event to start off the summer and shop ‘til you drop while enjoying many other attractions throughout the downtown village.

“This year we are excited to introduce our first ever Cake Walk downtown Fenelon Falls,” says Stacie Tasker, Event Coordinator. “Come out and enjoy an evening full of shopping and fun. All proceeds from the Cake Walk will be donated to The Spirit of Christmas at Fenelon Falls Secondary School.”

The event will be featuring a live DJ downtown Fenelon as well as a live band at the corner of Oak Street and Water Street.  Check out the balloon twister, snack stops, airbrush tattoos and creative face painting! That is not all, visit your local participating stores for deals, draws and most of all shopping.

The Fenelon Falls Events Committee, a division of the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce, is a volunteer committee of local business owners and residents of Fenelon Falls. With the sponsorship of over 60 local businesses this committee provides a festive community atmosphere all year round while also helping to promote Fenelon Falls as a tourist destination. The 7 events hosted by the committee could not be possible without the generous participation and sponsorship of local businesses.

For more information on Midnight Madness please contact Stacie Tasker at or 705-934-4312.


Country Living Show a Great Success (May 2015)

May 11, 2015

The Fenelon Falls Country Living Show, held on the Weekend of May 1st to the 3rd, 2015, was a great success. They were host to over 100 vendors that set up booths and product displays to show their merchandise and services to attendees.

An Estimated 2000 people walked through the doors during the busy weekend. Highlights of the weekend included the Fashion Show on Friday night where local clothing stores promoted the new fashions available for spring. Saturday’s Apple Pie Tasting Contest, where local churches came with their best recipes to compete for the coveted blue ribbon. (See winning results below)  People came by the hundreds to enjoy a taste of town’s best pies and an opportunity to purchase some of the home-baking to take home. Sunday’s big draw was a chance to watch a chainsaw carver, Steve Kenzora from Lakefield, produce amazing sculptures out of a block of wood.

The organizers were very pleased with the turnout at the event. “We are very thankful to everyone who helped make our annual event a success,” explained Judi Adamson, event Chairperson, “we were pleased with the support from the vendors, the volunteers and from the community.  Thank you to everyone”.

This community fundraiser provides the Chamber of Commerce with the needed funds to operate the year round Tourist Centre located at the locks in Fenelon Falls. The Tourist Centre and Chamber of Commerce resource is essential to the economic development in our community. By supporting the Community Living Show, you are supporting our town’s future.


Pie Tasting Contest Results

Peoples Choice
St. James Anglican.          3rd place.    22 points
Fenelon Falls Baptist.        2nd place.   26 points
Fenelon Falls United.         1st  place.   63 points

Judges Choice
Emmanuel Baptist.           2nd place.               82 points
Fenelon Falls United.        Tied for first place.  84 points
Fenelon Falls Baptist.        Tied for first place.  84 points

In the judges choice first place tie, the two churches agreed to split the prize.

Tee Leaves Launch T-Shirts in Market (April 2015)

April 27, 2015

Four young entrepreneurs are making their mark on the business community of Fenelon Falls. Asa Coleman, Harrison Clements, Matthew Manahan and Bruce Stauffer, all from Fenelon Falls Secondary School, have formed a company that is producing custom graphic t-shirts for sale in Fenelon Falls.

The group of young men are part of the Junior Achievement Program, a national business development initiative that is dedicated to inspiring and preparing youth to succeed in our ever changing global economy.

‘Tee Leaves’ is the name of the business that the group developed with the help of business mentors from our community and the Junior Achievement Program Manager, Sara McGriskin. They began by developing a business plan and canvassed the community for stake-holders to invest in their idea at $10/share.

The team of four are now in the product development phase of their business plan. They have sourced materials and created their own custom designs that will be printed on Flex-Heat sport tech quality vinyl and stamped on the T-shirts using a press available at the High School.

The first production run consists of designs featuring pop culture references created to market to their fellow students. The T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and will be available in a variety of colours and sizes. The current designs will sell for $15 per shirt.

Marketing will soon be underway and the group will be filming a commercial with the help of mentors from CableCable. Watch for it on Cable Cable /Community Connections and on and our social media channels.  The Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce is also a sponsor of the group and will be promoting ‘Tee Leaves’ through their network. Tee Leaves will hold their first stakeholders meeting at Sweetbottoms on April 29th.

Once the first run is launched and sales generate revenue, ‘Tee Leaves’ plans to expand to reach a broader market by offering to print designs for other community groups and businesses. If your group or business is looking to get custom T-shirts made, contact the ‘Tee Leaves’ for a quote at

You can follow their progress on facebook here.  Click on over and give them a “Like”. Lets show this group how our community and fellow local businesses can support new entrepreneurs. Spread the word!

Junior Achievement produces graduates who are more likely to become entrepreneurs, create jobs and power our economy. It costs $5000 to start a Junior Achievement Initiative. The government sponsors $2500 and $2500 comes from the community by way of business, charitable or private sponsors. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or a mentor for a future project please contact Sara McGriskin at 

Mayor Announces Core Services Review (April 2015)

April 26, 2015

Web - Kawartha Lakes-logo-Standard-RGB.jpeg

Kawartha Lakes Mayor announces details of Core Service Review

KAWARTHA LAKES – Beginning immediately Kawartha Lakes Council and staff will begin undertaking a Core Service Review of all City operations.

“We need to work towards a business model that is both sustainable and responsible to our residents, our businesses and our staff,” said Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham.

Based on the City’s projected capital and operating needs there is an approximate $10 million gap in funding from 2015 to 2016.

“We didn’t get in this situation overnight and we won’t fix it overnight,” said Mayor Letham. “But we must start now to address our fiscal situation and look at the services and levels of service the City provides. Our goal is to provide services that our residents both want and can afford, no more, no less.”

Council has identified initial services and departments they will begin reviewing with reports expected back to Council from staff over the next several months.

CORE REVIEW“Our situation is not unique,” explained Mayor Letham. “Municipalities across Ontario and all across Canada are facing financial challenges. Rather than simply acknowledge the problem is bigger than just Kawartha Lakes however, we have decided to address the problem head on and find a solution that works for us today and in the future.”

As part of the Core Service Review Mayor Letham will be conducting 10 Town Hall meetings across the municipality starting April 30 in Manvers and concluding Saturday, June 13 at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre.

“I want people to understand why we need to go down this road and how we will be moving forward,” said Mayor Letham. “I will be holding a series of Town Hall meetings and residents are encouraged to contact their Ward Councillors or email the City at

“Kawartha Lakes is our City and we all have a vested interest in helping to move our municipality forward progressively and responsibly,” Mayor Letham added.


Kids Photo Contest 2015

April 10, 2015




copy and paste to print or pick up a copy at the Chamber office at 15 Oak St. Fenelon Falls

Fenelon Falls Country Living Show Kids Photo Contest Rules 2015

  • All photos must be dropped off to SweetBottoms Coffee Shop before 7pm on May 1, 2015.
  • Photos must be in 5’X7’ or 8’X10’ format – unframed
  • No digital enhancing or digital alteration of photo allowed.
  • Black and White or full colour photos accepted.
  • Prizes will be awarded for all categories
  • Winners will be announced at the Country Living Show on Sunday at 2pm


You must obtain permission from a parent of anyone in the photo under the age of 18 allowing the Fenelon Falls Country Living Show to use the photo in publications promoting the event and announcing winners.

N/A ______

Name of child in photo _____________________________________

Signature of the Parent of the child in the photo __________________________


Select your category:

__   Ages 8-11 – Show us your favourite pet or animal photo

__   Ages 12-14 – Show us your favourite landscape photo

__   Ages 15-17 – Show us your favourite structure of building photo


Do you have a digital copy of the photo to submit for publication if you win?

Yes ____   No _____


By signing this waiver you give permission to the Fenelon Falls Country Living Show to use the photo for promotion of future events and publish the winning photos and names of contestants.


Name of Contestant’s Parent _________________________

Signature of Contestant’s Parent _________________________________

Name of Contestant ______________________________________

Age of Contestant _______

Address __________________________________________________

Phone number _________________________

Email contact ______________________________


Presentation Skills Workshop

March 21, 2015


Fenelon Falls Country Living Show 2017

February 27, 2015

Fenelon Country Living Show - Promoter Ad 2017


Welcome to the 33rd Annual

Country Living Show

proudly brought to you by the

Fenelon Falls District Chamber of Commerce

Fenelon Falls Arena & Community Centre

27 Veterans Way

Exhibitor Package will be posted prior to Feb 3, 2017.

Candidates Meeting (Sept 2014)

August 19, 2014

Fenelon Forward Logo sq

The public is invited to  participate in a “Candidates Meeting” being held for the voters in Ward 5 and Ward 6. The meeting is hosted by Fenelon Forward and will be moderated to ensure fairness to all participants.

The candidates for Mayor and the candidates for Councillor of ward 5 & 6 are being invited.

The meeting will be held on September 24, 2014, 7:00 pm at the Fenelon Falls Community Center 27 Veterans Way Fenelon Falls Ontario.

The following questions with background information has been submitted to each candidate. These items are of particular importance to Fenelon Falls.

Fenelon Forward identified the following concerns:


  1. Ensuring wastewater capacity is fully upgraded to accommodate projected population growth by the end of fiscal 2015-16. Provincial projections estimate growth will nearly double to 3400 residents in Fenelon Falls by year 2031. Development proposals are imminently ready to begin. The process for speedy approval should be actively supported by candidates.


  1. Establishing a definite plan for a second bridge in Fenelon Falls by the end of the next term of Council (2018). First step is conducting a transportation corridor study of Lindsay—Colborne Streets, including traffic analysis in 2014. There are many implications to include in the analysis such as quarry load hauling (ban from going through Fenelon Falls by means of load limits) and Highway 407 extension.


  1. Establishing a comprehensive economic development plan for Fenelon Falls before the end of fiscal 2015-16 as part of the continuing Business Retention & Expansion collaboration between the Fenelon Falls community and City of Kawartha Lakes.


  1. Assisting in successful repurposing of the old arena as a multi-use recreation/event facility as Fenelon Fieldhouse. The economic benefit of the facility for downtown revitalization should be evaluated.


What is your pride of purpose in aspiring to be mayor or councilor of the City of Kawartha Lakes?


Questions arising from these concerns:


Context: We were dismayed to learn last summer that the wastewater treatment system was at capacity, though this confirmed many suspicions. This capacity question has been an impediment to growth in Fenelon Falls since (at least) amalgamation. Though we were delighted that Council took immediate steps to rectify the situation by commissioning an environmental assessment so that an engineering study could be completed, we are anxious that Council might delay implementing the actual upgrades necessary to accommodate the growth projected in our Secondary Plan.

  1. What will you to do ensure the upgrades to the wastewater system are completed this spring in time for the 2015 building season?
  2. What will you establish to ensure that critical issues such as these in Fenelon Falls and throughout the city do not take so many years to identify and resolve?


Context: The Fenelon Falls Secondary Plan, eventually developed jointly with City Planners and local volunteer leadership, was approved this summer. Meanwhile, a Corridor Study was commissioned for Lindsay/Colborne Streets using Rural Economic Development money (all of which was allocated without specific input from the BR&E leadership). The Corridor Study contract was let without community input for its scope and terms of reference. In particular, the consensus among local leadership was that the Corridor Study include in its scope the issue of the second bridge. Repeated requests for in-put by a consortium of community groups has been ignored by City staff, who have not even acknowledged the request. Only the CAO responded to say that he has deferred the matter to staff.


  1. What will you do to ensure coordination among departments?
  2. What will you do to build the community’s capacity to provide informed input to staff and Council on local issues?
  3. What will you do to ensure informed community input is sought and valued by city staff, especially on local issues?


Context: With the Rural Economic Development money allocated, the Fenelon Falls BR+E process is in transition now, yet surprisingly, no comprehensive economic development plan for Fenelon Falls has emerged. As the BR+E process is now being promoted in other communities, this fundamental failure stands to be repeated again and again.


  1. What steps would you take to ensure a comprehensive economic development plan for Fenelon Falls is developed before the end of fiscal 2015-2016, and in other localities soon thereafter?
  2. How would you work to integrate these plans into a citywide economic development strategy?


Context: The BR+E process and the secondary plan both assert that Fenelon Falls stakes its future on becoming known as a healthy, active community. However, a community asset in the middle of Fenelon Falls is about to be squandered because the building was allowed to become moldy even as citizens were developing plans for its adaptive re-use as a field house to capitalize on its recreational and economic development potential.


  1. In your view, whose job is it to develop the economic, cultural, recreational and historic assets of the city?
  2. As mayor/councilor what practices or programs would you put in place to enact your vision of developing community assets?


Context: Both locally in Fenelon Falls, and with citywide issues, the City of Kawartha Lakes has earned a reputation of operating in an opaque, confusing and confounding way. Besides examples already offered this evening, the recent Development Charge By-law was passed based on a report presented to Council in July for a decision by 9 September. The report called for a 400% increase in development charges overnight. Deputations at council in July revealed that none of the stakeholders (e.g. developers, real estate agents, trailer park operators, Chambers of Commerce and, it seemed, the councilors themselves) had been informed or consulted about the dramatic increase proposed at the 11th hour for council to approve before the current bylaw expired. This was so, even though much of the information necessary to do the calculations was available as early as 2012, according to the report itself.


  1. How do you characterize the relationship between elected officials and civil servants in CKL, and between the citizens (as parents, homeowners, business owners, members of the work force, i.e. taxpayers) and the city?
  2. Should you be elected, what evidence will you offer to show that the city now has reputation for fair, streamlined and transparent processes that will justify your bid for re-election?
  3. Where would you begin?


Context: Though the current mayor and council can point to some real achievements in this last session, observant citizens have witnessed many reasons to be skeptical of Council’s ability to work well together with the mayor and city staff and to lead this city into becoming a thriving, cohesive, fair, engaged, transparent, innovative and welcoming municipality.


For the sake of argument, we propose:

  1. That performance at city hall would improve if the number of councilors was reduced from 16 to 8, which is more in line with a population of 70,000, in order to reduce the temptation for parochialism;
  2. That council and committee meetings take place in the evenings to encourage more citizen engagement; and,
  3. That councilors and the mayor be paid a full-time salary to respect the fact that it is a full-time job, to attract candidates who need a full-time salary to serve, and to set expectations sufficiently high to warrant measuring performance.


Do you agree with our proposal? If so, how would you implement it in this next term so that by next election these reforms are in place?


If not, what, specifically, would you propose as a way to improve the performance of Council and how would implement these reforms between now and next election?


Fenelon Forward has planned a regular schedule of four community meetings to consider local and city issues. (2015 dates are on Wednesdays: 25 February, 27 May, 16 September, 18 November).









Canada Day Festivities at Garnet Graham Park (June 2014)

June 23, 2014

Canada Day


Everyone is invited to come down to the Garnet Graham Park in beautiful Fenelon Falls to celebrate Canada Day of July 1, 2014. Festivities are happening all day long. Music in the park, vendors, snacks, games, swimming, fun for everyone is planned. The day will conclude with an amazing fireworks display over the water.  Come and join your friends, family, neighbours at this popular community event. Event is sponsored by the Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce.

Palmer Insurance Grand Opening Celebration (June 2014)

June 19, 2014

Palmer Grand Opening

Palmer Insurance celebrated it’s ‘Grand Opening’ on Thursday June 19th in Fenelon Falls. The company, with a long history in our community, amalgamated with Stewart Morrison Insurance last year and the new management recently completed a major renovation on the 47 Colborne Street location.

With so much to celebrate, the team wanted to host customers, friends, and colleagues for a party at the newly enhanced office location. The party was well attended and guests were treated with an array of cocktails and h’orderves while enjoying the social time with friends.

The two families, the Palmers and Stewart-Morrison, had similar values and business practices. When Stewart-Morrison purchased Palmer, they decided that the company would keep the name Palmer Insurance and continue to provide the same level of service and individual attention that built the Palmer legacy in our community.

“We, at Stewart Morrison, are proud to carry on a legacy of care that is the foundation of Palmer Insurance,” explains Marlene Morrison Nicholls. “Our similarities made us a perfect fit. We are honoured that Palmer Insurance will remain in Fenelon Falls as a division of Stewart Morrison.”

If you missed the Grand Opening, feel free to drop by and see the new location anytime, call for an appointment at 705-887-2517 or visit their website here to learn more about what they have to offer.

Fenelon Home Hardware Grand Opening (June 2014)

June 9, 2014


The Fenelon Falls Home Hardware Store celebrated their ‘Grand Opening’ this past weekend. The store was busy with door crasher specials, draws and special guests all weekend long. From the ribbon ceremony on Friday morning to the close of day Sunday, activities filled the 3 days. Chainsaw carving, antique trucks, Handy the Hound for the kids, coffee and treats, and a charity Barbecue were some of the highlights. 

The new owners, Dave and Nancy Jackett, have been working hard over the past several months renovating and remodelling the Lindsay Street store. The work was completed last week and the store is officially ‘open’ and ready for business. 

The store has undergone a noticeable transformation. An extensive home and garden decor centre has been added to the front section of the building. A kitchen and bath display area has been constructed at the rear of the store. The stock has quadrupled giving shoppers excellent selection and a positive shopping experience. 

The Jackett family has a long history in Fenelon Falls with over 100 years of investment into our business community. Dave and Nancy are continuing the tradition with their investment into our community Hardware store. 

On behalf of the residents of Fenelon Falls, CONGRATULATIONS on your success and thank you for your continual commitment to our community. 

Midnight Madness in Fenelon Falls – June 28, 2014 (May, 2014)

May 25, 2014

Midnight madness

June 28, 2014 starting at 7:00 pm, Downtown Fenelon Falls

This is the signature event of the summer in the community of Fenelon Falls. The Special Events Committee of the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce partner with local merchants to host an evening of fun and excitement in the downtown core of the village. 

Friends and families gather in the downtown streets to celebrate the summer season. Both year round residents and cottagers alike come together and enjoy live music, great shopping, fun activities and special treats. Special fun activities are planned to keep the youngsters happy giving an opportunity for the adults to catch up with neighbours and friends.

Mark the date on your calendar so you do not miss the community event of the summer. See you there! 



Diva Night Returns to Fenelon Falls (May, 2014)

May 11, 2014

Fenelon Falls, Kawartha Lakes, DIva NIght

Diva Night in Fenelon Falls returns on Saturday, May 24th, 2014  from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  This is one of the signature events to kick off the summer in our community. Friends and families gather in the downtown core of the community to celebrate.  Participating stores are open until 10:00 pm offering specials and prizes for everyone to enjoy.

The Splash into Summer Fashion Show will be held at the Chamber of Commerce building located at the corner of Oak St. and May St. beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Models walk the outdoor runway presenting a fine selection of the spring clothing lines offer by local retailers.

Everyone is invited to come downtown to the headquarters to fill out ballots for draws at 9:00 and 9:45 p.m.  The first 200 ladies to register at the headquarters will receive free flowers.

CKLR – Kawartha’s own radio station will entertain the crowds by the CIBC corner from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. and will announce all the draws. Restaurants will be pleased to serve you fabulous food and exotic drinks throughout the evening.

Strap on your comfortable shoes, grab the girls and come to Fenelon Falls.  
For more information contact Donna Hawe at (705) 454-0019

Click here to check out more exciting events sponsored by the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Country Living Show (April, 2014)

April 14, 2014


Country Living Slider


The Fenelon Falls Country Living Show, previously known as the Home and Cottage Show, to be held in the Fenelon Falls Community Centre from May 2 to 4, expects to draw many new visitors.

“The show attracts many people to Fenelon Falls and we should see about 1800 visitors as Spring gets underway and they look forward to their summer activities” show manager Ross Hawe said in a press release. The show will include over 100 display booths featuring a wide variety of area businesses.  A full roster of seminars & presentations will be offered on subjects such as water treatment, boat safety  enjoyment and Wine selection.  We will again have a phenomenal display of antique outboard motors and boats  in the central foyer area.

There will be a food court in the main hall providing delicious food for visitors and exhibitors.  The popular silent auction will take place for all three days with the winners announced at 3 p.m. on Sunday, organizers said.

The show continues to offer a wide variety of services of interest to country home and cottage owners. It’s a chance to get out and see what is available for cottage and home renovations, plus many other services from roofers to landscapers, to contractors, to water purification specialists, alternate forms for energy/solar/composting etc., furniture and appliances, hot tub products, boats/watercraft and real estate for sale in the area.

The show runs from 4 to 8 p.m. on Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is just $3 for all three days with children 12 and under free if they attend with an adult.

For more information, call Carol Halton at the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce office at 705- 887-3409.

Fenelon Falls Country Living Show is Announced

March 16, 2014

May 2nd to the 4th, 2014 at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre


The 30th annual Fenelon Falls Country Living Show, (previously called the Home & Cottage Show) to be held at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre from May 2nd to 4th, 2014,  expects to draw many new visitors.

“The show attracts many people to Fenelon Falls and we should see about 1800 visitors as Spring gets underway and they look forward to their summer activities,” explains show manager Ross Hawe.

The show will include over 100 display booths featuring a wide variety of area businesses.  A full roster of seminars & presentations will be offered on subjects such as gardening, boat safety  & enjoyment, and emergency services.  New this year is an active ‘Kid’s Play Centre’ with a Pirate Ship bouncing unit.   A phenomenal display of antique boats and outboard motors will be featured in a central foyer.  There will be a food court in the main hall providing delicious meals and snacks for attendees.  The popular silent auction will take place on all three days with winners announced at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

The show continues to offer a wide variety of services that will attract the interest of country home and cottage owners. It’s a chance to get out and see what is available for cottage and home renovations, plus many other services like roofers, landscapers, contractors, water purification specialists, alternate forms for energy/solar/composting etc., furniture & appliances, hot tub products, boats/watercraft, and real estate for sale in the area.

The show runs Friday, 4p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Admission is just $3 for all three days, children under 12 free when accompanied by an adult.

For more information, call Carol Halton at the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce office at 705- 887-3409.

Read more COMMUNITY NEWS here.


Volunteers working hard to improve Fenelon Falls (Spring 2013)

May 14, 2013

“Those who can, do.  Those who can do more, volunteer.”  Unknown Author

There are many amazing volunteers in Fenelon Falls.  Recently we have seen them as young as five years old helping with a community litter clean-up.  We thank the hundreds of people who volunteer many hours of their valuable time.  They truly have invested greatly into the Fenelon Falls community.

We can no longer say “Nothing ever happens in Fenelon Falls”,  because in the past year several amazing things have happened.  Think new Community Centre, expanded Docking Facilities, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Event, BR+E Project Committees and much more.

The Fenelon Falls BR+E was initiated in 2011 by Fenelon Forward in cooperation with the  City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Department.  The BR+E is led by community volunteers and is all about making Fenelon a better place to live, visit or start a business.  This newsletter is a result of work by the BR+E Marketing Committee.  Please look to the CKL’s Economic Development website for more information on the Fenelon Falls BR+E Project Click this link


Source: Edition #1 Fenelon Falls Town Crier eNewsletter, May 14th, 2013
Author/Researcher: Promotional Strategy Team, Fenelon Falls BR+E
Photographer(s): n.a.