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The Country Cupboard Goes Green with New Owner Julia Taylor

February 7, 2018
Julia and Carson at the Country Cupboard

Julia and Carson at the Country Cupboard

Julia Taylor grew up right here in Fenelon. She remembers when they built Langton Public School, and that as a young girl she contributed a $2 dollar bill to the time capsule they created to mark the school’s opening. While she moved away in her early teens, she remained fond of the small community-focused village of Fenelon Falls.

When Julia and her husband were choosing a place to live and raise their family, Fenelon was the obvious choice and they returned in 2007 simply because, as Julia puts it, “Fenelon is our favourite town in Kawartha Lakes.” Julia was drawn to living in Fenelon because of our naturally scenic features: the falls, the locks, the beach, and the green spaces that have remained unchanged since her childhood.

During her years as a stay-at-home Mom, Julia got active with volunteering in the community and quickly saw that when she chose to get back to work, she wanted to bring together her passions for the environment, entrepreneurship, and healthy living in a way that gives back to the community. Julia recently saw the opportunity for her to do just that when she purchased the Country Cupboard on May Street.

Julia plans for the Country Cupboard to continue to be the place in town to go for “knowledgeable and informative help with vitamins and supplements” thanks of course to Carson, who will be staying on as Julia’s “right-hand man and supplements expert.” In addition, Julia will be turning the Country Cupboard into the place to go for “fresh quality pantry staples,” offering a 10% discount for customers who bring in their own containers as an eco-friendly shopping choice.

20180129_182205 (1)Finally, Julia will also bring to the shop a wealth of information on “all things whole-food, plant-based, and chemical-free home and body care.” And don’t worry – the famous frozen yogurt isn’t going anywhere, and she is also planning to offer a dairy-free option soon. Yum!

You can follow The Country Cupboard on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stop in to the Country Cupboard soon to say hi to Julia and chat with her about living green!


Kennel opens its doors in Fenelon Falls

February 7, 2018


Dionna and Patrick Wylde love dogs.

So after hearing from many that there is a need in the district for another kennel, they decided to turn their love of the four-legged friend into a business venture.

They opened the doors to “Jurassic Bark Kennels”—located on 28 forested acres on the outskirts of Fenelon Falls—this January.

“It’s something we have thought about for quite a while,” said Dionna.

They got started on constructing the building to house their canine guests two years ago, but did plenty of research prior to that.

“We wanted to do it right,” she stressed, saying they visited a number of kennels nearby to get an idea of their facilities and how they operated.

JurassicBark_TownCrierImage2The 700 square foot building has 7 sleeping areas, each with their own individual outdoor runs accessible by a custom made doggy door that can be opened without entering the pen.

“Sometimes dogs are not friendly with anyone except their owner, or it just takes them a while to adjust,” noted Wylde.

“Sometimes they are frightened so we wanted to set it up so no one gets hurt,” she explained, adding she can simply use the pulley mechanism to raise the door while staying outside the pen.

“Jurassic Bark Kennels” also boasts a small reception area, a food prep area and a full service grooming salon.

There is a fully fenced common area at the side of the building which serves as a play area for the dogs and a multi-acre fenced paddock for longer romps. This summer they plan on constructing a doggy jungle gym complete with ramps, houses and a small pool for their guests to cool off.

“We’re really looking forward to having the play area for the dogs,” she noted.

The couple also has trails where they will take dogs for nature walks—for an added fee.

“They really like the trails,” Wylde remarked.

They already have had a few guests, and have enjoyed getting to know the few dogs that have been there to date. But they really are hoping the pens will start to fill up.

“We hadn’t been really promoting it too much yet because we wanted to make sure everything was ready and we needed approval from the City. Now that is done and we have our licence. We are very excited to open our doors,” Dionna explained.

The kennel offers daycare as well as boarding – both short term and long term. Fees for the kennel will be very comparable to others in the area. Guests are accepted by appointment only.

“Jurassic Bark Kennels” is located at 18 Fell’s Point Road, just off of Northline Road.

Heading north out of Fenelon on Hwy. 121, turn left onto Northline Road, then left again onto Fell’s Point Road. The driveway will be the first one on your right.

For more information, or to book your stay or your furry friend’s “spaw” day, call 705-887-6597 or 705-340-2925, or email You can also visit their Facebook page – “Jurassic Bark Kennels” and view photos and news.


Welcome Home, Anna Radey

January 25, 2018

Anna Radey may have grown up attending school in Toronto, but her family has had deep roots in Fenelon Falls for many generations. In fact, Anna’s recent choice to relocate to Fenelon permanently has made her the 5th generation in her family to live in Kawartha Lakes.

Anna’s Grandfather ran the original Canadian Tire in Fenelon Falls, and her dad Terry was a well-respected and longstanding businessman in the community. Raised in Lindsay, Terry started the iconic ice cream shop Slices n’ Scoops 22 years ago and Anna has been running the shop every summer season since 2007.


Anna’s mom Sandy hails from Indianapolis and worked as a real estate agent for 25 years. While growing up in Toronto, Terry and Sandy demonstrated for Anna the importance of giving back to the community and fostering positive working relationships with the residents and businesses that surround you.

It is clear that Anna still carries those lessons today, as you can see the many ways she has already started to get involved with the community of Fenelon Falls: as the new Events Director on the board for the Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce, Anna will be helping us enjoy classic Fenelon events like Midnight Madness and may even bring an exciting new event to town this summer. Anna’s expertise in planning this year’s Country Living Show is also greatly appreciated.

Anna has embraced winter in Fenelon by taking up curling with a team of ragtag misfits who are really enjoying learning the sport and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the curling club on Tuesday nights even more. Be sure to stop in for a slice and/or scoop this summer and say hi to Anna!

Curling Club Raises Awareness for Alzheimer’s

January 24, 2018

A Tribute to Dana, a Bonspiel to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Society, was held at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club on Saturday January 13, which was also Dana’s birthday. Curlers came together for a day of learning about how to keep your brain healthy and for friendly competition. The FFCC curling members put on a delicious meal, contributed draw prizes for the table and curled in the bonspiel. There was entertainment all afternoon by Marc Ekins, Dana’s son. Dana’s siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother, came from Gravenhurst for the occasion, and Dana’s husband John played in the bonspiel. Fenelon Falls Curling Club managed to raise $2,400.00 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Thanks to all the club members; the Fenelon Falls Curling Club, the club with a big heart.

Dana - Curling Club Jan 2018


Greetings from Dana, New Editor of the Town Crier

January 10, 2018

Meet your new editor, Dana Deathe

Greetings and Salutations!

the book ladyYou may have met me in town before, and you may know that I am the new owner of The Book Lady in Fenelon. You may know that I spent my whole life cottaging here, and that I moved here from Calgary last spring. It’s safe to say that I think Fenelon Falls is a pretty special place.

You may not know, though, that my family has a long history in this area; my great-grandfather was a minister here, and he built the cottage that I grew up enjoying. On the other side of my family, my grandparents spent their summers on Sturgeon Lake where my mother grew up before she and my dad committed, perhaps equally, to each other and to the shores of Cameron Lake.

I am so excited to be a part of this community and when I arrived I immediately started looking for ways to get involved. I’m thrilled to be the Communications Director on the board of the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce, and now I have the pleasure of communicating directly with you via this fantastic newsletter.

If you’d ever like to chat with me about anything (especially books, I love talking about books!) please do drop by the bookstore one day soon.


Until next time!

Dana Deathe


Helpful Tips from Santa’s Elves!

November 22, 2017

SantaDay General Slider 2017

how best to enjoy your Santa Day

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, Santa Day will effectively take over our village, to the delight of all! We’ve been consulting with Santa’s Elves and here are a few tips and tricks to make your visit to Fenelon Falls on Santa Day the best it can be.

Santa Day Headquarters – Video Image, 10 Colborne St.
(near the woodcarver by Stokes on Trent)

Cartoon by Laurie Rockman, Kawartha Lakes;

Video Image on Colborne Street will house the main hub of Santa Day organization, along with the Lost and Found. It is great relief to know there is one spot to go to if you have any questions, need any assistance, or if you have misplaced that incredible scarf that you were positive you just had!

Parking is not an issue if you plan ahead. Take note of the signs posted about the village before you leave your car, especially the No Parking signs and times posted on the light poles on the main street. There are public parking lots behind Colborne St. north of the locks, on either side, just behind the stores on the street, accessible from Colborne and Francis Streets. There is also the old arena by the Curling Club that is available, as well as the parking lots by the beach and Garnet Graham Park.

Road closures are planned as usual. The city’s new website made it easy to find the notice…Water St. will be closed from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm for the daytime activities and Lindsay St. – Colborne St. will be closed from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm for the parade. The Parade route runs through the heart of the village. Cars will be cleared from the Lindsay/Colborne corridor starting around 4 PM and the road will not reopen until the parade and fireworks finish. If you are needing to make a quick exit after the fireworks, be sure to park on the same side of the locks as your destination.

SANTA IS COMING!!! Santa will be receiving visitors at Stewart Morrison Insurance office on Colborne St. Santa needs to get ready for the parade so be sure line up to get your photo with Santa before 3:30 pm.

Use this information as your activity guide or pick up a printed brochure at the first place you spot one! For young families, Pharmasave has a Family Friendly Station for your needs. There is also an actual Town Crier, live and in person, who will be announcing festive fun all day long. Be sure to say hi!

The Parade commences at 5:00pm SHARP! Scope out your place along the route and get ready for the dazzling lights of the Nighttime Parade. During the parade the clowns with the flashing lights will gladly accept your kind donations. Watch for the Fireworks at 6:00pm at the locks!

This incredible, popular, amazing, awesome day is TOTALLY FREE FOR ALL thanks to Santa Day volunteers and supporters, along with the business community of Fenelon Falls and the surrounding areas. Santa Day is a time to celebrate and practice the art of giving, sharing, joy and comfort. Let’s celebrate together in each and every smile passed from one person to another.

Happy Santa Day to one and all!!

Amazing Photo Credit: Karen Suggitt of Baddow Road Photography



High School Drama at Fenelon Museum (Nov. 2017)

October 25, 2017


Maryboro Lodge is proud to present Fenelon Falls: A Walk Through Time a play written and directed by the Fenelon Falls Secondary School senior Drama class on November 6th, Monday at 12 noon.


The show, Fenelon Falls: A Walk Through Time, showcases the rich and interesting history of Fenelon Falls, and the invigorating characters which once lived there. The play will incorporate the majority of the rooms in the Maryboro Lodge museum, in order to truly bring the history to life.


Fenelon Falls and its surrounding area have plenty of history to share, and the Fenelon Falls Secondary School’s senior Drama class will be showcasing it with this walk through performance. Guests will be escorted through the museum and will see a variety of characters and scenes specific to our local history.


The senior Drama class has developed the show in collaboration with the museum’s staff and local historians.  Students have been learning about our local history through regular museum visits, and research in the community. This play will appeal to all ages and everyone is welcome to attend. There is no admission fee, however a donation to the museum is appreciated.


The museum will be open November 6th from 12 to 2 p.m.for play and all are welcomed.


Fenelon Falls Live! Planning Workshop Brimming with Energy (Oct. 2017)

September 26, 2017

by Alan Engelstad, Chair. Fenelon Falls Live!   705-887-7169

Fenelon Live LogoTwenty-one arts enthusiasts attended the Fenelon Falls Live! planning workshop last Saturday at Fenelon Falls United Church to answer the question: What kind of live performance events are you eager to bring to the Fenelon Falls area? Participants included local performers, a young theatre arts entrepreneur, events organizer, arts promoter, seasonal and full-time residents, local councillor Doug Elmslie and Debra Soule, Arts, Culture and Heritage Coordinator at the City of Kawartha Lakes.

The format was designed to ensure participants created the agenda themselves, according to their specific interests, by offering up their ideas for consideration. Once the ideas were presented, people signed up for those that most interested them and joined those discussions. Workshops included mounting events featuring big band orchestras, marching bands, a variety show, Celtic music, an emerging artists series, songwriters workshop, Shakespeare in the Park, a buskers festival and twice-annual family festival to celebrate the the locks. Of course, many of these ideas work together and there is plenty of room for collaboration.

There were also discussions about the need for supportive arts infrastructure, such as a portable sound stage, a more dedicated year-round performance venue, and a permanent outdoor performance venue. We also discussed some practical, collaborative ways to publicize events, especially to seasonal residents, more effectively.

Participants learned how an active arts scene helps create a thriving community. For example, one participant explained how a town in Florida, competing with places that had nicer beaches, decided to become a haven for musicians. People got behind a series of proposals to enhance music education and performance 30 years ago. That town has since quadrupled in size and is a magnet for musicians of all stripes. Another participant brought an article explaining how the arts are revitalizing small towns in Minnesota, and Doug Elmslie brought featured article in this month’s Municipal World that discussed the role of the performing arts in creating a sense of belonging. From this we considered how we could help a younger generation of aspiring musicians learn such things as performance technique, sound design and recording skills from the many experienced musicians in the area, some with long and storied careers: Garage Band festival, anyone?

Our challenge, as one participant put it, is to get to a place where visitors and townspeople alike can simply assume something interesting and engaging is happening every weekend in Fenelon Falls, especially during the summer. They’ve done it elsewhere. Why not here?

Want to learn more? Contact us at

Planning in Full Swing for Santa (Oct. 2017)

September 26, 2017

Fenelon Falls Santa Day – Mark the last Saturday in November on your calendars.

Santa Day Magnet Final 2017To paraphrase the Neil Diamond song “Wrap up the babies & grab the old ladies and everyone come” to Fenelon Falls November 25th for Santa Day.

Come & see which of your favourite attractions are still here & which ones are new. What is your favourite?  Is it the Petting Zoo, Wagon Rides, Face Painting, Decorating a Gingerbread Cookie, Pony Rides, a Magician, Letters to Santa, visiting the Reindeer, or visiting Santa & getting your picture taken with him. Oh what have we missed?

Don’t forget all the treats given out throughout the day by our local merchants.

What better way to end such a great day than with an amazing Parade starting at 5pm. & Fireworks following Santa!

All this for the low, low, price of No Charge thanks to our generous merchants, corporate, and private supporters!

Help us spread the word. Tell all your relatives, friends, neighbours, and anybody else to come to Fenelon Falls on Saturday November 25 from 11- 6:30 for a day of fun, family, food, and more.

Donations for Santa Day are always welcome. See below for more information.

See you there.

2017 Donation Request for Website

Santa Day 2017 Donation Form

Santa Day 2017 Donation Options

Decoration Service, Vimy Tree Planted (2017)

September 26, 2017

At the recent Decoration service, The Royal Canadian Legion Fenelon Falls Branch 238 Colour Party carry the Colours. The Salvation Army Fenelon Falls Corps Band provided the music for the hymns and the Canadian and Royal Anthems.


The service is for those who have passed during the past year and also Veterans who have died.

2nd Vice President Arlene Colman of The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 238 Fenelon Falls, led the Decoration Service.


During a ceremony at Fenelon Falls Cemetery The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 238 dedicated a Vimy Oak tree which is a decendant of the Oaks that grew at Vimy Ridge 100 yrs ago, during the historic Canadian victory in world war one.

In the picture is 2nd vice President Arlene Coleman and Chaplain Major Roy Randell.


Trees To Remember Vimy By (August 2017)

July 25, 2017


Everyone knows the Battle of Vimy Ridge during WWI was one of the defining moments in Canada’s history. The battle raged for three days, April 9-12, 1917. Where allied troops struggled and failed, the Canadians overcame great odds and captured the ridge. For the first time all four Canadian divisions attacked together: men from all regions of Canada were present at the battle. Brigadier-General A.E. Ross declared after the war, “in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation.”  The price of victory was heavy 3,598 Canadians were killed and another 7,000 wounded. Four Canadians were awarded the Victoria Cross and the entire Canadian contingent was commended for their bravery.


Canadian machine gunners dig themselves into shell holes on Vimy Ridge,

France, April 1917

(courtesy Library and Archives Canada/PA-1017).

Prior to the battle the area was heavily forested with mighty oaks; after the battle nearly every tree had been destroyed. A Canadian soldier, Lieutenant Leslie Miller of Scarborough salvaged a handful of acorns from a dying oak tree and sent them home to be planted on his farm where they flourished. Today ten of these trees still stand and sapling descendants have been bred from them. Over 100 saplings are destined to be planted next to the Vimy Monument in France.

A limited number were made available and the Fenelon Falls Legion was fortunate in being approved to purchase two. They come with certification of their descendancy from Original Vimy Ridge Oaks acorns.

To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Canada, the Fenelon Falls Legion is gifting the Village with two descendant saplings to be planted at the Cenotaph and the Veterans’ area of the Fenelon Falls Cemetery. Branch President, Wes Arscott, says “we hope that these saplings will thrive and be a living memorial to all Veterans who made the true north strong and free”.

For more information on the Fenelon Falls Legion, click here.


A Positive Influence on Kawartha Lakes (July 2017)

July 21, 2017

Soroptimist International recognizes four graduating students for their positive influence on others

SoroFour young women graduating from our local high schools were recognized this week for their peer leadership with the RoseMary Reid Positive Influence Award from Soroptimist International of Kawartha Lakes.

Soroptimist International of Kawartha Lakes joins with the local schools in their annual recognition activities by presenting the award to a female graduating student from each of the city’s four secondary schools who models values, beliefs and attitudes that inspire others. The modest cash award is presented to a young woman for being an exemplary role model to her peers, focusing on positive character traits rather than academic or athletic achievement.

The 2017 recipients are:

Alexandra Tesic, I.E. Weldon Collegiate

Claire Allore, Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Harmony McNish, Fenelon Falls Secondary School

Jaden Mifsud, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

Soroptimist International of Kawartha Lakes is a volunteer service organization for women dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. Founded in 2011, the club is part of Soroptimist International where more than 76,000 Soroptimists in 120 countries and territories contribute time and financial support to community-based projects that benefit women and girls.

The award is named for RoseMary Reid, a longtime member of Soroptimist International, initially from the Peterborough club and more recently York Region. Active at all levels of the organization, RoseMary recently completed her term as President of Soroptimist International of the Americas, overseeing clubs in 20 countries and territories.

For more information visit

A Walk Down Movie Lane (August 2017)

July 18, 2017

Fenelon records memories of theatre

FTM-Midnight Madness-shirtsWhat a night it was during Midnight Madness!  Setting up the marquee sign in town generated a tremendous amount of excitement and crowds. Conversations were had of great moments remembered from the Fenelon Theatre days….including lots of first dates and kisses! Many of those moments were captured in writing on our ‘memory boards’.  Be sure to check our Facebook page for posted pictures of these boards.

Many thanks to all who stopped by our successful pop-up shop and purchased merchandise and/or gave donations to help support this fundraising campaign.

For those of you who may have missed us during Midnight Madness, you can also find the t-shirts and hoodies available for purchase at Grr8 Finds Market and The Fenelon Falls Museum, Maryboro Lodge.

Our new website is currently under construction. In the meantime keep tuned to Facebook for information on another pop-up shop coming soon!

‘With your donations, we can make this happen’

– Fenelon Theatre Marquee Group

19884502_1374219302614916_7742826406934947686_nFTM-Memory Board 2

Windows of Celebration (July 2017)

June 27, 2017

Fenelon merchants decorate windows and property to commemorate Canada’s 150th!

Window Sample

Fenelon Falls Canadian pride is showing in town. As part of our sesquicentennial activities, the windows in town are all red and white with excitement. Watch for banners, bunting, flags and all types of images and graphics. Many stores and service companies will take part in this competition to show how proud we are to be Canadians.

Winners will be announced at the festivities on July 1st at Garnet Graham Park in the afternoon. First prize of $300 will go to the selected store window participant. Second and Third prizes will also be presented and an additional special First Place prize being offered to the best “on property” display. Custom designed and hand-made “ribbons” crafted by Ann Kumala at Curious? will be proudly displayed around town.

Join us July 1st and take a moment to congratulate the winners of this commemorative competition.

Happy Canada Day!


Remembrance Service for Canada 150 (Summer 2017)

May 30, 2017



As we prepare to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation it is appropriate that we remember the contribution that Veterans have made to the development of our nation and honour the sacrifices made in the defence of freedom and the pursuit of world peace. Their sacrifices enabled us to reach this significant milestone in our nation’s history.

From Vimy Ridge and D-Day to Afghanistan they paved the way and provided a strong foundation for the building of Canada – the true north strong and free.

Join the Royal Canadian Legion – Fenelon Falls Branch and pay tribute to our veterans’ service from Confederation to today.

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

2:00pm at the Cenotaph

Sobeys Celebrates 15th Anniversary (May 2017)

May 16, 2017

Sobey's turns 15

On May 11th, Fenelon Falls gathered at the local Sobeys grocery store to celebrate a milestone with Mark Knoester and his staff. Sobeys has been in business for 15 years in our community.

Customers and local dignitaries came out to celebrate and enjoyed a free barbecue, drinks, cake and tasty treats. Specials and prizes of gift baskets, gift certificates and air miles were given out to many lucky winners.

Mayor Andy Letham presented Mark with a certificate from the City of Kawartha Lakes and congratulated him on the success and thanked him for his continued commitment to Fenelon Falls. Sobeys has shown ongoing support to many community recreational and social groups as well as participating in numerous local fundraising efforts.

Sobeys continues to grow and expand new services in our community. It was recently announced that Sobeys will soon be offering customers the convenience of being able to purchase beer at the store while getting their groceries.

On behalf of the people of Fenelon Falls, CONGRATULATIONS SOBEYS!!!!!!

Swastikas Drawn On Sidewalk Changed to Works of Art (Apr. 2017)

April 18, 2017


Fenelon residents were shocked to see swastikas drawn in chalk on the sidewalks of our community last Saturday morning. Local homeowners were upset that someone would want to spread antisemitic hatred in our beautiful town.

Although the intention of the vandals is not known, the swastika symbol definitely evokes a dark feeling of fear and dread to many. Residents were very clear that hate is not welcome here.

The anti-semitic act was not going to be accepted by one local family. Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter and her son Erik decided that they were not going to walk away. They knew there was something that could be done to show everyone that “Hate Never Wins”.

The mother and son made a quick stop at Grr8 Finds and Butterfly Boutique, where the owners/friends equipped them with fresh packages of sidewalk chalk.  The two set out to cover up the darkness and show the true heart of our town and it’s people.

FlowersSoon, the ugly symbol was changed into a beautiful flower. A poppy seemed the appropriate choice to the artistic duo. “Teaching love starts at home” says Caroline. “The most beautiful thing was when it started to rain and Erik said that he thought Mother Nature and God are sad about the Swastsika”.

We can only hope that the vandals learn that there is no place for acts like this in our community and that it will not be tolerated.  We will always strive to be a caring, inclusive and welcoming community to all races and beliefs.

Legion Public Speaking Event 2017 (Mar. 2017)

March 21, 2017
Photo Credit Paul Leduc Standing left to right: Liam Ellis, Max Willems, Cole Capal, Jordyn Greer,  Allison Turpin, Darlan Carpenter, Emma Bradimore.  Sitting left to right: Nolan  Carson, Zoe MacIntosh, Lyla Verlint, Benjamin Capal.

Photo Credit Paul Leduc
Standing left to right: Liam Ellis, Max Willems, Cole Capal, Jordyn Greer,
Allison Turpin, Darlan Carpenter, Emma Bradimore. Sitting left to right: Nolan
Carson, Zoe MacIntosh, Lyla Verlint, Benjamin Capal.

Twelve students from Langton and Fenelon Township Public Schools and one from Fenelon Falls Secondary came together to strut their stuff at the Legion’s annual public speaking contest on Sunday, March 5th.

The atmosphere was alive with anticipation as they each took their turn on stage. Each student was timed and evaluated by a team of three judges. It was evident that all had put a great deal of hard work into their presentations and spoke on a wide variety of topics that had captured their interest.

For many people,  standing up in public and doing a speech is one of their  greatest fears. This fact was acknowledged by Cde. Roy Randell in his closing remarks. He further commended them on meeting the challenge with such confidence and poise.  Cde. Randell thanked all the volunteers and the Ladies Auxiliary for providing a light luncheon for the students and their families.

The winners were:

First Place                                Second Place                    Third Place

Grades 4 – 6                         Nolan Carson                        Zoe MacIntosh                       Emma Bradimore

Grades 7 – 9                         Liam Ellis                                    Max Willems                        Darlan Carpenter

Grades 10 –12                     Jordyn Greer                                                n/a                                    n/a

The first place winners will progress to the Zone level where they will compete against the first place winners from thirteen other Legion branches. This competition will be held March 26 at 1:00pm at the Legion in Fenelon Falls. Successful Zone level speakers move on to District level.

We wish all our competitors the best of luck as they continue on this journey.


Oliver Releases 3rd Children’s Book (Mar. 2017)

March 2, 2017

CoverLinda Oliver is a local children’s book author that has just released her latest work.

 “I’d Rather Be Me”, a self-esteem piece, is written in rhyming text to encourage young readers, and targeted for primary aged children.

A couple of years ago, we wrote a story on Oliver’s self-published books – “Slurp and Blurp” and “Scamp and Champ” which received recognition with the letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace.

Since that time she has been busy continuing her work and has been picked up by a Canadian Publisher – Cavern of Dreams Publishing.

“I’s Rather Be Me” will tickle the imaginations of all little readers as they explore whether it really is better to just be you! Cute, fun, and with a great message for boys and girls alike, I’d Rather Be Me is a must read!

“The Canadian illustrator, Tina McGilp, did a fabulous job interpreting my vision for the characters!” explains Oliver.  “I am excited about this book and the message it gives to children.”

The book is available at Curious in Fenelon Falls or online at the Publisher website for $12.95 here.  

Friends of Lock 34 Win Incentive Award (Feb. 2017)

February 7, 2017

Trail Towns Workshop 2017 Community Incentive Award Winners Announced


Friends of Lock 34 – Fenelon Falls. 3rd Place Winner of the Trail Towns Workshop 2017 Community Incentive Award

February 1, 2017 (Peterborough, ON)–Kawarthas Northumberland is pleased to announce the winning entries to the Trail Towns Workshop 2017 Community Incentive Award submissions. Not-for-profit organizations were invited to submit projects aimed at pursuing trail town related experiential tourism development initiatives associated with the Trent-Severn Waterway following a November 29th workshop.

The winning entries demonstrate a high level of community-driven initiatives which demonstrate support and participation from local community leadership, trail development organizations, Parks Canada, and economic/tourism organizations and municipalities.

First Place – $5,000 Award: The Canadian Canoe Museum for their Peterborough Canoe Heritage and Tradition Experience -Three interactive and engaging components to inform and celebrate the canoe building history and tradition in Peterborough and the surrounding area. Included developments include exhibits at the Museum, a walking tour of historic canoe-manufacturing locations in downtown Peterborough and East City with interpretive panels with QR codes, and a 90-minute Voyageur Canoe tour over the Peterborough Lift Lock.

Second Place – $2,500 Award: Impact 32 in Bobcaygeon for their Bike Share Station, –Implementation of a Bike Share Station at Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon for use during the tourist season. This project will allow boaters and guests visiting Bobcaygeon to explore and visit all areas of the town.

Third Place (tied) $1,250: Friends of Lock 34 in Fenelon Falls for their Stone Waterfall & Sculpture Garden, –Redevelopment of the Lock Station property known as the “Island” specifically for the installation of a stone waterfall and installation of a sculpture on one of the concrete piers located in the canal. The group plans to add a new sculpture each year on each of the nine piers with an annual unveiling ceremony.

Third Place (tied) $1,250: Incredible Edibles Festival in Campbellford for their Farm Life Tour Experience, – To augment the festival experience, visitors will tour up to four farms for hands-on demonstrations of how farms are run, to understand what they produce, and ask questions directly to the farmers, and enjoy a locally-sourced lunch prepared by a guest chef on the banks of the Trent River.

The purpose of Kawarthas Northumberland is to support a competitive and sustainable tourism industry, attract visitors, generate economic activity, and create jobs within the region that encompasses City of Kawartha Lakes, City and County of Peterborough, and County of Northumberland.

Local Groomer Volunteering at 2017 Winter Sleddog World Championships (Jan. 2017)

January 24, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.16.31 AM

While the Iditarod may be the first place that comes to mind when you think about sled dogs, a facility in Haliburton, Ontario will be stealing Alaska’s thunder for nine days this winter. Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve, a privately owned ecological marvel that continually breaks new ground, is set to host the 2017 Winter Sleddog World Championships from January 24 to February 1, 2017.

Known colloquially as the “World Dogsledding Championships”, 11 countries represented by 261 teams will descend on the Haliburton Highlands, topping the previous records of 136 teams at the 2013 event in Alaska and 170 teams at the 2015 event in Germany.

JaniceFenelon Falls dog groomer, Janice Foulkes, has been asked to be a volunteer at the event. Janice currently works at Fetch Pets but has years of extensive experience in the care and training of dogs. Janice is known in ‘dog world’ for her work with large breeds in particular. She will be lending her skills and expertise at the World Championship event.  “I am very excited to get to be part of this amazing event,” says Janice. “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am thrilled to have been asked to participate.”

This international event is a collaborative effort between Haliburton Forest, the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports (CAHDS) and the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS).  Events include skijoring, pulka, relays, dogsled sprints, mid-distance events, and even a sprint known as “unlimited” where anywhere from 18 to 22 dogs will pull one sled with one musher.

What Can Spectators ExpectIMG_1747

Spectators should expect to be immersed in the world of sleddog sports. They can view all the events from a number of locations, whether it’s the start/finish line or along the route on picturesque MacDonald Lake. Admission is free, with a nominal $5 fee of per vehicle for parking (click here to purchase pre-paid parking tickets at a reduced rate). Spectators may enjoy snowshoeing, slide down our toboggan hill and visit the Wolf Centre while on site. It doesn’t get any more Canadian than this event, at a time when the nation is celebrating its 150th birthday!

Opening Ceremonies – January 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Just like the Olympics (but on a smaller scale) Opening Ceremonies, Monday, January 23rd will have entertainment, a march of the flags, opening speeches and oaths!  It will be hosted outdoors so come dressed for the weather!

Entertainment will be provided by Fifth Business, a 5 piece recreational folk/rock band based in Haliburton Ontario. The band formed in the early winter of 2015. Since then it has played a variety of shows in the Minden and Haliburton area. Their repertoire is eclectic and consists of (mostly) unknown or little known cover tunes, although two original pieces are, at this writing, part of the show. Two of the band members share lead vocals and b/u harmonies. The band uses a variety of instruments from the commonplace guitar to the unconventional (electric cello, harmonium etc.)

The Haliburton Highlands Youth Ensemble will also grace our stage to sing Oh! Canada.

A Short History of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports

IFSS held the first Winter Sleddog World Championship in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, in 1990. Since 1995, the event has been held every two years. The Winter Sleddog World Championship was last hosted in Canada in 2009 in Daaquam, Quebec. 

IMG_1748Bringing the 2017 IFSS Winter Sleddog World Championship to Haliburton Forest’s 400 kilometers of trails has allowed, for the first time, to host all classes at one location. In 1998, Haliburton Forest became the first Forest Stewardship Council-certified sustainable forest in Canada. The company’s revenues are equally generated by sustainable forest management and low-impact ecotourism. Visitors to this area can witness first-hand the breakthroughs in forest management and conservation while enjoying a world-class event.

For a schedule of events, information about location and venue please visit

New Years Resolution Run (Jan. 2017)

January 10, 2017


The Fenelon Falls Annual Resolution Run/Walk was held on Sunday, January 1st from 10-12 in our community. Residents came out to walk or run as far as they wanted to in an effort to resolve to stay active in 2017.

Participants gather in front of Sweet Bottoms Coffee on the main street in downtown Fenelon and set out for a trek around the community.

The annual event has proven to be a social event for many to celebrate an active lifestyle in the new year.

Langton Students Preform Silver’s Secret (Dec. 2016)

December 13, 2016


A cast of students from Langton Public School wowed the crowd with their performance of Silver’s Secret by Charlotte Nixon. Parents, students and residents filled the school auditorium to watch the young actors on December 1st.

The audience was impressed with the level of talent showed by the students.

“It was just amazing,” says Jodi Archer. “I was completely entertained from start to finish. They did such a good job.”

The production was done earlier in the school day for the students at Langton School. The kids were thrilled. The younger ones were intrigued by the pirates in the play and word has it that pirate swords are being added to some holiday lists.

Congratulations to all the cast, the director and the production team on a fabulous execution of the play.

Janis Taylor-Lee Becomes A Celebrant (Nov. 2016)

November 1, 2016

janistaylorJanis Taylor-Lee is a local resident near Fenelon Falls and has recently been certified as a Funeral and Life Cycle Celebrant with the Insight Institute of Certified Celebrants / Life Tribute Professionals.

With a long and diversified background in education and Funeral Industry, Janis found it only fitting to expand her love for helping others in difficult times and other possible life events. Already a Licensed Funeral Director at Jardine Funeral Home in Fenelon Falls, she has started her own business as a Certified Celebrant under the name,” Life Centred Celebrations”.

Celebrants are not here to replace religious services or clergy. We are here to serve a growing percentage of population that want to celebrate the life of a loved one and are not necessarily affiliated with a church or the like. The celebrations are not exclusively secular. The services created and conducted can be spiritual in nature with religious aspects while focusing on the life of a loved one. We want people to know they have a choice. The beliefs, convictions and attitudes of the family members determines the tone and content of the eventual service.

Janis will meet with the family,  guide them and serve the needs and wants that they have in mind for their event. Her kind, caring and loving nature makes her a natural to comfort families.

As a Life Cycle Celebrant, Janis is here to accommodate most types of family celebrations or losses when needed. For more information call her at 705-392-9212 or email

Blanket Exercise is A Participatory Workshop (Oct. 2016)

October 18, 2016

learning our shared history between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples

Blanket Exercise, Saturday, November 19, 2:00 p.m., St. James:

Developed by KAIROS Canada, the Blanket Exercise is a participatory workshop in which everyone is involved as they step onto blankets representing the land and into the role of First Nations, Inuit and later Metis people. The goal of the exercise is to build our understanding about our shared history as Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Canada by walking through pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization and resistance. 15-20 people are needed as active participants who stand on the blankets; the others participate as observers. The workshop concludes with conversation. We are delighted that Elder Alice Williams, from Curve Lake First Nation will be here, along with our facilitator, The Rev. Frank Tyrrell.

This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the process of truth and reconciliation as our church has called us to do. If you are able to come, please let the office know. There is no fee, but a goodwill offering will be taken up to cover the costs of travel for our guests. Leave a message at or call 705-887-2537. This event is open to all, including members of the parish, the community, and people of all ages.

For information on THIS EVENT click here

Fenelon Says Goodbye to KLFC Founding Chair (Sept. 2016)

September 20, 2016


a heart- felt thank you, Kathryn

Kathryn Rogers, founding Chair of KLFC and spark behind Films by the Falls initial creation and ongoing success, is moving away from the area and alas must step down from her role on the Kawartha Lakes Film Circuit. Kathryn’s reign will end after the screening of Dark Horse on September 27th. As part of her final duties Kathryn will introduce Colleen Jenkinson as the next Chair of the Kawartha Lakes Film Circuit.

Thank You, Kathryn! Your vision and leadership have helped propel the social and cultural life of Fenelon Falls to new heights. You will be greatly missed. The KLFC team, along with the residents of Fenelon Falls, wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done while living among us.

Mayors Writing Contest Winner (Sept. 2016)

September 5, 2016

Mayors Writing COntest

Congratulations to Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter winner of the Kawartha Lakes Public Library Mayor’s Writing Contest. Caroline is pictured here with Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham and Library CEO David Harvie.





Here is the winning story by Caroline Fenelius Carpenter. (all rights reserved)


Coming Home

Annie took in a sharp breath as the number came up on the phone. She heard her aunt’s voice “Annie it’s your dad you need to come home.” Reluctantly she packed up some bags and phoned her friend Marcus to see if he was in the mood for a road trip. She woke up Anders, her 10 year old son who was asleep in the tiny bedroom beside the kitchen. Marcus rang the bell and they slowly made their way into the Subaru. As the lights of the city faded behind them her thoughts went to her dad. They had always had a cantankerous relationship. She wasn’t the boy he wanted and he wasn’t the cuddly type of dad that she wanted. Annie tried so hard to be. As a girl she was a tomboy, she fished, drove snowmobiles, tinkered with cars it just didn’t seem enough. When she was old enough to leave she couldn’t get away fast enough.
As they turned onto 121 off of 35 she saw the shadows of fields. Up ahead she saw the outline of the water tower. It had always been a beacon of their arrival to Fenelon Falls. She had always looked for it from her back seat in the blue Chevette whenever they came onto the crest of the hill as a young girl. It had been 15 years since she had travelled these roads. She had talked to her Dad over Christmas, holidays and special occasions. Family get together were usually at her aunt’s farm in Cameron just outside of Lindsay. Things got busy with her job as a nurse. It was a job where you could lose yourself easily in on call shifts. It was a job which made relationships difficult and things you didn’t want to deal with were easy to brush aside. Denial cloaked in your need to work. A lot had happened, the death of her mom 20 years before from Cancer, a father who didn’t handle loss or know how to deal with a wife who had her own struggles as become despondent long before the diagnosis. Then there was Annie’s own failed marriage and raising her son from another failed relationship, alone. It was easier to stay away and not to see the disappointment in her father’s eyes and see how shattered his heart was then to come back and see how things had been. To see she had been happy once. They had all been happy once.

A Tim Horton’s greeted them well this was new and a welcome sight. They ordered and picked it up through the drive through. The Sobeys’ was alot bigger than Sobko’s IGA and the Sunshine Freshmart of her youth. They crossed the Fenelon bridge, the smell of fish wafted into her nostrils from the foamy waters below. It seemed like yesterday that she was jumping off the falls after school or fishing off the side climbing down along the path that cut in behind the Falls view restaurant. The feel of a pickerel on the end of the line fighting to remain among the rocks was something she did miss.

They turned right at the lights where the old June and Fred’s used to be. The best fries in town. A staple of her teenage years when what you ate didn’t matter. Right across had been Kelly’s Emporium where she spent her pay cheque on records, rock t shirts and satin pants. June and Fred’s was now a bar and the store front that housed Kelly’s sadly stood empty. Down Francis street they went past Bob’s place where Annie and her dad would visit in the old tin boat under the premise of going out fishing. They would sit in Bob’s backyard. She would curl up in a macrame lawn chair. Her legs becoming fodder for the mosquitoes that survived the humongous noisy bug zapper and mosquito coils by the deck. Her dad and John would play guitar, smoke a little, drink a few stubby’s and regale each other with stories of the glory days. The sound of the river and sweet smell wafting in the air would lull her to sleep.

Then they turned right at the medical center where her best friend Jackie had flown over the handlebars of the ten speed as she sped down the hill struggling to stop. Up the hills and down she heard a giggle from the back as a sleepy Anders woke in time to see the cottages dotted along the river which licked its way to the opening of Sturgeon Lake. Left at the end of the road to Sturgeon Glen they passed the building that used to be the Sturgeon Glen store where she would get the Toronto Sun and Player’s Light cigarettes for her dad and pick up the latest issue of Teen Beat some pop rocks, Lik-M-Aid and a Diet Coke for herself.

They had arrived. The shed still stood to the side of the property the only thing remaining of days gone by. The cedars were a little over grown. She opened the door with a hard push and pulled the cord for the light bulb that dangled in the middle. She looked up into the rafters where Jackie and Annie used to hide their Wildberry coolers and their Du Maurier cigarettes which they would grab before heading to the Feed Co. on Saturday night. The shed was full of boxes pieces of an old motor the familiar red fabric life jackets they used to wear. She looked up was that the chair her dad had Macgyvered for the water skis? Her dad was a legend on these waters. Tanned in beige swim shorts, cigarette in his mouth, a beer in his hand holding on to the ski rope while being dragged sitting on the chair down and across the lake. She could still hear the echo and screeches from the kids and parents along the shore.

The original cottage was first built in 1912. It was one of the first to be built in this end of Sturgeon lake. The cost of the land at the time was $100.00. Property taxes in the last few years had skyrocketed. Rules on what could be built and where had changed the landscape of the lake had changed it wasn’t the same as it once was. Monstrous cottages dotted the shore bringing with them loud boats, fast sea dos and large houseboats. The cottage had been renovated over the years by her dad and his friends. Annie and her mother would come up and would stay at the cottage all summer her dad coming on the weekends. They had moved to the area permanently in 1982 her dad commuting to Oshawa to GM but wanting a simpler life for his family.

Annie walked in the smell of cedar, old smoke and wet greeted her. Her dad’s labored breathing and the drone of the oxygen machine was almost hypnotic. The machine made the room unbearably hot and the opened windows were a blessing. Her aunt Linda greeted her warmly Annie gave her a tea she had picked up at the Tim Horton’s on the way in. Her aunt had aged since the last time she had seen her at Christmas dinner a few years ago at the farm. Her aunt went home to get some rest. Annie went to the car. She said good bye to Marcus and carried her son in. She put him in the back bedroom. He easily fell asleep covered in a worn quilt made by her grandmother many years ago.

She sat quietly down beside her dad as he slept. He looked so small laying under another of Grandma’s quilts. She looked around with surprise at all the pictures he had surrounded himself of happier times. She looked in the corner and saw her old Dixie Lee brown beige polyester monstrosity they had called a uniform. Annie saw pictures of herself as a young girl holding a massive Muskie caught out on the lake. In another picture they stood by the derby car they had fixed up for Dad to drive at the Fenelon Fair in 1989. Both of them sweaty covered in mud with the biggest goofiest grins on their faces. A picture of her mom on one of her good days eating ice cream by the locks on the way to uncle Charlie’s cottage on Cameron Lake.
She readied herself for a long night she took her father’s worn calloused hands into her own. He looked up his eyes lit up, his face relaxed and he squeezed her hand tight. She said ” It’s ok Dad it’s Annie I‘m home. “

Kawartha Writers Anthology Available at Grr8 Finds (Aug. 2016)

July 29, 2016


Local author Sara C. Walker has edited and published an anthology of short stories that are set in areas around the city of Kawartha Lakes and written by authors residing in Kawartha Lakes.

The collection is comprised of tales from a variety of genres, including contemporary fiction, romance, fantasy, and horror, while also offering unique perspectives on the Kawartha Lakes experience.

This anthology takes readers on a journey of unexpected and innovative views of the city of Kawartha Lakes using a mix of genres, ranging from sweet romance and contemporary fairy tale to soft horror and edgy humour.

With settings from Bobcaygeon to Woodville and various locations between, Kawartha Lakes Stories are at once startling and familiar, as local writers explore some of our everyday places through a variety of voices and styles.

The book is available at Grr8 Finds in Fenelon Falls at the Library.




Table of Contents

Introduction   v


Jean Booker


Clint Cummings


Stefan Ellery


Vivienne Barker


Tiffany Short


Altaire Gural

BEANS   83

Cathy Hamill-Hill


Lori Rowsell


Sara C. Walker

Copies will be available from Sara C. Walker at various community events throughout Kawartha Lakes. If you’d like to request a copy, please email

Find out more information here:

About Sara C. Walker

Sara C. Walker writes urban fantasy for teens, action romance for new adults, and short stories of every variety. She also works at a library, where she takes particular pride in getting readers addicted to new stories. Sara lives and writes next to a lake in the beautiful cottage country. One of her short stories was a semi-finalist for the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award.

Read excerpts from her novels, a free novella and short stories at her website – — or find her on Twitter and Facebook.


Langton Public – Class of 2016 (Jul. 2016)

July 4, 2016
Langton Public

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016 at Langton Public School.



Enjoying Our Irises (Jun. 2016)

June 20, 2016

Whenever I garden, my mother is with me.  Mom had acres of gardens, vegetable and perennials. One never went into her gardens without expecting to weed, hoe or dig.   “Don’t just stand there, weed” or “while you’re here……”  she’d say.   Gardening was one of Mom’s passions and one that I inherited, as she did from her mother.  My aunt use to say “in this family if you don’t garden & cook… you’re out.” Irises give me a feeling like a butterfly stirring in my chest as memories of my Mother come fluttering home.  My eyes brighten and my breath rushes in with remembrance. I think of Mom most in my garden and I feel closest to her there.  Irises

For me, plants are like music.  A flower can bring back memories and stories just as an old song plucks an emotional string and puts you right back where you were when you heard it and it mattered.   I have plants in my gardens that came from my mother, my grandmother, my great grandfather, friends here and not.  

I have moved a lot in my 50 plus years and with each house move came the inevitable plant move. My helpful friends, etc., would suddenly scatter at the thought of lugging the bins and buckets, soil and spades that made certain that my plant memories and my “roots” came with me.  

Every year my back complains at the riggers of weeding and tilling, edging and planting.  My children say “Mom, it’s so much work.  Why do you have such big gardens?  You should cut back.”  But how can I?  My gardens hold the memories of my childhood, gardens at the farm with Mom’s huge iris beds and Shasta daisies, of weeding with my Grandmother, picking berries and cucumbers with her, my Granny and her tomato plants and Swiss chard in Toronto and planting peas in my veggie garden just so I could sit my babies and toddlers there to fill their faces while I weeded, hoed or harvested my bounty.  


My great -grandfathers white irises that have been passed down through the generations.

There is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes from feeding your family with food you’ve  produced yourself.  Food you know has no preservatives, additives, chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics in it.  You may find the odd bug in the broccoli but hey it’s worth it.  

And now my grandchildren are showing interest.  I derive great joy in being able to pass the knowledge along, show them how to put a seed in the ground and help it grow, show them different plants and what they are used for, what to stay away from and what to pick in the woods to bring home to Gran.  

But right now I’m sitting in my garden, talking to the spirit of my Mom and enjoying our irises. 


Story by Anne Kulmala of Fenelon Falls. Anne is the owner and operator of Curious, a lovely gift and specialty treasure store in Fenelon Falls. She is also an avid gardener, an experienced furrier, a talented artist and enjoys spending time with her family.