Curling Through The Years – Let’s Celebrate Canada in Style! (Jan. 2017)

    High Society Ladies & Winning Team AllmanThe year is 1867 -Sat Jan 7th – and the Fenelon Falls Curling Club hosted the Ladies New Year’s Bonspiel in Style!! Dressed in long flowing period costume, the ladies prepared a hardy “Canadian” style lunch. The singing waiters, aka: Fisherman, Lumberjack, Miner and Farmer were dressed in appropriate costume to present their own songs.

Congratulations to our own Fenelon Falls Team – Gail Allman, Kate Baxendale, Cheryl Medhurst and Leeanne Bingham, dressed as 1967, who won against competitors from Bobcaygeon, Brampton, Dixie, Lindsay, Newmarket, Oakwood and Orangeville.

Thanks to all the sponsors, organizers and volunteers who helped make the event a success and fun for all!

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