Don’t Let Geese Ruin Their Day (Jul. 2016)


Last Sunday was a scorcher! We headed to the Fenelon beach to beat the heat – packed up the kids in the bike trailer (or their “chariot” as I call it) and pulled into a spot in the shade. Even though the beach was packed (as expected) there were plenty of shady areas to catch the breeze, and lots of room to play in the sand or swim in the water.

It was perfect… except…

There was geese poop all over the dock.

All of the kids did a good job to avoid it and no one seemed to mind yet I thought to myself… if this was my place, and I had the tools I would clean it up…

Wait a minute…

It is my place! Well it is OUR place! OUR dock on OUR beautiful lakefront property, it is OUR shared community space, and as it turns out there are tools there to do just that. In fact there is a group of people who kindly pick up goose poop regularly at the Fenelon Beach.

I signed up to help out and when I got the tour of the shed and learned the tricks of the trade we picked up a few pieces. Two days later I came with my kids on our morning bike ride and we picked up a whole ‘bathroom garbage can’ sized pail! Can you imagine what that beach would look like if no one was picking it up? 5-10 lbs of geese poop per day for a few months….!!! Now that is poopy!

So next time I’m at the beach and I don’t want to step in geese poop I can just pick it up! And when there is none there I can be thankful for the person who came and picked it up before I got there.

Keeping geese poop off of our beaches keeps it out of the water (resulting in less contamination and beach closures) and keeps it off our feet!

Please help out by emailing Gay Fletcher at

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