Everything in Moderation….

As Oscar Wilde once said “everything in moderation, even moderation”.  In an age of constant and ever-changing information, what does that actually mean?

scalesOne day, you should eat more chocolate, the next day less.  Same for red wine, coffee, butter. One could not be blamed for simply giving up on trying to figure out what is best for us, but at the end of the day, go back to “everything in moderation”.  As can be said for all aspects of life, we are rarely perfected through extremes.

So be realistic with your own goals and recognize that never having a treat again is not likely to be achievable and certainly won’t be satisfying; so don’t set yourself up for failure.  Instead, have a small scoop of ice cream instead of that giant banana split. The same is true for exercise. Waking up one January first to decide you will run a marathon may not be a realistic goal whilst going for a walk two or three times a week might be.  How about alcohol, gambling versus buying an occasional lottery ticket?

Heck, in our modern age, everything can be seen through the lens of vice or benefit.  I would never want to give up being able to Skype my 70+ year old mother-in-law in the UK, but I also don’t want to be on an electronic device constantly.  Ever go out to a restaurant and see a table of people all on their phones rather than actually talking to the people they are with? What a wasted opportunity.

So enjoy the benefits life has to offer; be it the healing effects of a walk or using technology to cross the miles, or maybe even that piece of chocolate or glass of wine.  But remember – everything in moderation!

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