5 Ways to Green Your Child’s Birthday Party (May 2016)

HapBirthPresence not Presents

Request no presents or request second hand presents or request donations in loo of presents to give to your child’s favourite charity or ask for ‘experience’ gifts (lessons, tickets, days out, etc. )

Think I’m crazy? Here is why having tons of stuff is not good for children and here is why ‘stuff’ is not good for the environment. Present giving has become so impersonal and unthoughtful and it puts undue financial pressures on people – let’s change the world and forget about present giving.Crafts

Martha Stewart up some crafts

Disposable products use resources, chemicals, and cheap labour to be made – not to mention the emissions from traveling across the world. Any décor and wrapping paper can be made at home out of recycled paper or my favourite, newspaper; already destined for the recycle bin and free! You could always just skip the decorations all together.

Bust out the Good Dishes

dishesInstead of buying disposable dishes, cups, napkins, and cutlery use your own. If you don’t have enough grab another set at the salvation army real cheap and stash them in a box when not in use. As mentioned above disposable stuff might be cheap and easy but has big environmental and social implications.

Make kids into mini stewards

The main activity could be planting trees or seedsPlants, a nature walk, or head over to your local environmental organization and participate in, or hire a private educational guide. The kids program at Gamiing Nature Centre is super interactive, fun, and educational – an experience the kids will remember more than a bouncy castle!

Send home memories not stuff

If you planted seeds than that is a great send home gift, but other than that we are again talking about stuff that uses resources and lets face it, ends up in the landfill faster than it takes to get made. Skip the loot bags, I promise the kids won’t miss them.

Be bold, be creative, be different! In- laws, kids parents, and kids won’t know the difference, but you know who will – the planet :)

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