In the Past: Proud to be a Fenelon Falls Resident


Did you live in Fenelon Falls many moons ago or move away recently? Tell us what it was like. Let us know what you miss most. Would you ever consider moving back to Fenelon Falls?

See stories from past residents below, and add your own stories using the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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One Response to In the Past: Proud to be a Fenelon Falls Resident

  1. Past Resident CB says:

    My Story
    My great grandfather and grandfather built a cottage on the river just above the falls back in the 1930’s. In fact, the picture on this page is of my grandfather fishing on Cameron Lake. While growing up, Fenelon became my home away from home in Toronto. I spent every weekend from May through October and every summer living in Fenelon. For my high school years I worked at Sobko’s IGA. I met my future bride in Fenelon (a local), and we’ve been married for 29 years. Ten years ago we moved our family from Toronto to Fenelon to find a “kinder and gentler” place to raise our children. They prospered in the community, attended both public and high school, worked at a number of businesses in town, and are now moving to the next stage of their lives in University and beyond. We plan to retire to Fenelon when we’re ready. I honestly can’t think of a better place to live and to raise a family.

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