Let the Music Play…

Written by Marina Hodson

I think we can all agree that listening to music you enjoy can improve your mood and get your toes tapping, but did you know that music can also have many physical and mental health benefits?

2018-04-05_1334It will not likely come as a surprise that listening to music elevates mood and can reduce the symptoms of depression, reduce stress and improve sleep. However, scientists have actually found that the beneficial emotions associated with listening to music have a healthy effect on blood vessel functioning resulting in increased blood flow.

More surprising findings have included that background music may enhance performance on cognitive tasks and has been shown to allow test participants to complete more questions correctly in allotted time.

Music also assisted cancer and stroke patients to manage anxiety, pain and aided in their overall recovery. Such positive benefits were also found in studies looking at post-workout recovery where music was shown to help the body recover faster. This may also explain why music was found to decrease the intensity of pain in geriatric and palliative patients.

Of course all those things aside, listening to music can be just plain enjoyable and will definitely boost your motivation during your next workout, so get those toes tapping.

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