Nice Shot – Getting Out Part 3 (June 2017)


While there are many outdoor exercise options, I would like to suggest a third “passive” reason to get outside in our series – photography. It may not seem like the most active pursuit at first blush, but don’t dismiss it yet.

Most obviously, photography can encourage you to go outside for new and interesting subjects and given that they won’t necessarily come to you it will mean going to them. So the physical part is apparent. In fact, a recent study found 75% of participants reported increased activity both because they tended to look for subjects and because as they were engrossed in their activity they tended to lose track of how far they had walked.

But don’t think it ends there. Photography tends to increase gratitude which has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve mental health and boost your immune system. It is obvious that we will tend to take pictures of things we like or enjoy, whether it is people, places or things. Through this deliberate act of focusing on positives in our lives we find gratitude for all the good things we sometimes lose sight of.

Of course last, but certainly not least, it can encourage you to form bonds with others over a joint interest and no matter the quality of your shots, there is a therapeutic value in the creative act of photography. In fact, the focus required to select and frame subjects has been shown to lower depression and stimulate parts of the brain that prevent memory loss.

So whether you strive to become the next Ansel Adams or simply point and shoot, get out there and enjoy the benefits of photography.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

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