Fenelon Falls PROBUS Club Huge Success (Nov. 2017)


On Monday, Oct 16th, the new Mixed PROBUS Club of Fenelon Falls held its Founding Meeting. Those wishing to register started arriving at 9:00 a.m.—a full half-hour ahead of the posted 9:30 a.m. start. They kept coming and coming. In order to allow time to process everyone, there was a delay of 15 minutes in starting the Official Meeting. Bob Pennock, President said “the response exceeds our most optimistic projections, indicating the strong need for a social club such as PROBUS.” At final count, the paid membership was 227. Pennock said “unfortunately, due to the capacity of the Seniors Hall, we have had to cut off any further membership, and have started a waiting list.” Positive results came from the initial six Social Activities already in the planning stages, and guest-speakers have been arranged for the next few meetings.

The formation of every new Club requires sponsorship of an active one. Mr. Bob Doran, from the Lindsay Men’s PROBUS Club welcomed everyone and presented the Official Charter.

Anyone wanting to register for the waiting list should contact Bob Pennock at705-887-2147.

For further information Contact Bob Pennock 705 887 2147 or Emailrobert.pennock@sympatico.ca

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