Ready For Summer? (July 2017)

school's out

It seems hard to believe, but here we are looking at another summer holiday already. This year, why not try some new and healthy ways to get your kids out and active?

We all know that it has become all too easy to let our kids entertain themselves in front of a screen and while a little of that is ok, let’s get them involved in some fun new activities instead. It doesn’t have to break the bank and can involve things you are going to do already, like why not get them into the kitchen? Let them help you make dinner and spend time talking about what you are eating and why or use some the lovely fresh fruit available and get them to create new flavours of smoothies.

And while we’re talking about food, how about a trip to the local farmer’s market? Make it a learning experience in nutrition and finance; give them their own spending money to pick up something that will be added to dinner that night.

Getting sick of the rain and wondering how to entertain in the bad weather? There are any number of fun indoor opportunities:

  1. Head to one of the pools in the area;
  2. Go bowling;
  3. Pull out one of the board games or help them to make up their own;
  4. Hit the library; or
  5. Explore your crafty side.

And when the sun does return, let them get back to basics by just being kids – camp in the backyard, build a fort, play in the sprinklers or just have some unstructured time outside to imagine and explore. Most importantly, enjoy your summer with them, there aren’t nearly enough summers before they grow up.

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