The Do’s and Don’ts of Recycling in CKL (Mar. 2016)

The Yes's and No's

I have been known to be a bit of a recycling tyrant- “Hey did you just throw that can in the garbage?”

*takes can out and put’s in recycle while muttering under breath* 

Well I guess I should not have been such a tyrant because as it turns out- I was doing it all wrong – and not just the heckling.

When I first moved back here and actually gave a darn about my effects on the health of the planet I was pleasantly surprised to see the Kawartha Lakes recycled all plastics from 1 through 7 – something my previous municipality did not do.

Sweet I can recycle everything! 

I put on my hero shirt and felt really good about doing my part and I recycled as much as possible. I got so into recycling I went to the city’s waste workshop, and that is the day I realized I had been dishonouring my hero shirt.

(insert Price is Right losing sound)

As it turns out not everything is recyclable, in fact if it is not on the list of recyclables on our handy dandy waste calendar provided by the CKL – it is not recyclable. Even though we recycle all numbers of plastics, if it does not have a number on it – it is not recyclable. If it is not clean it is not recyclable, and if the lid is still on it is not recyclable! 

In the City of Kawartha Lakes our plastic recycling is trucked to North Umberland County to a sorting plant, and everything that is rejected is shipped back to our landfill because it is our garbage and it goes in our back yard. 

So if I’m not recycling properly I’m actually creating more garbage and more CO2! 

Here are a few things I thought were recyclable but are not:

- straws 

- k-cups

- chip bags

- dog food bags

To see the full list please visit my blog:

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