Saving Money and the Planet with Jars at Country Cupboards

Country CupboardsWe have all gotten so good at recycling- we rinse, and sort, and haul that extra container to the curb for the greater good. But have you ever considered the natural resources and energy that goes into those recyclables to be made, and then broken down, and re made? Why not reduce that plastic use from the start?

Well you can- with jars!

Bring your jars with you when you shop for products in bulk at Carson’s Country Cupboards and save a ton of plastic waste- bonus you also save money by buying in bulk!

They weigh your jars before you fill them up, and then minus that weight from the total when you cash out- it’s really pretty easy!

I use different sized glass jars but any reusable container will do. I also let them write the weight of the jar directly on the lid, and if it stays on through the dishwasher it won’t need to be re- weighed for the next purchase. I  try to keep a stash of jars in my trunk for those days that I’m not as organised and forget, also I just use a cloth grocery bag to carry the jars in and, so far no breaks!

For every 1 pound of plastic you refuse 1 pound of carbon pollution is reduced!

To reduce even more plastic you can also get items like peanut butter, almond butter, honey, and extracts from Burns Bulk Foods in Lindsay.

PS- Don’t forget a jar and spoon for some frozen yogurt at Carson’s Country Cupboards to save a Styrofoam cup- because you know you can’t leave that store without one!

Article By Julia Taylor

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