Nature Captured at Local Photo Contest (Nov. 2015)

Last night (Monday November 23, 2015) the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society held it’s annual end-of-season pot-luck dinner and back for another year was the annual Photo Contest. Organizers nearly ran out of table space, as the photographers in the group entered wonderful examples of nature in all its glory. Congrats to the first place winners and to all who entered.  Here for your viewing pleasure – the winning photographs…

Heather LeCraw – T’is The Season

Heather LeCraw - Copyright 2015 - T'is The Season

Marilyn Britt – Along The Way

Marilyn Britt - Copyright 2015 - Along The Way


Robbie Preston – Out Of The Ordinary

Robbie Preston - Copyright 2015 - Out Of The Ordinary

Jane Clark – Signs Of Summer


Jane Clark - Copyright 2015 - Signs of Summer

Heather LeCraw – On Close Inspection

Heather LeCraw - Copyright 2015 - On Close Inspection


Janet Scott – Garden Guests

Janet Scott - Copyright 2015 - Garden Guests

Meetings will start again in March 2016. Visit for more information.

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