Summer Activities for Kids (Jul. 2016)


School is out and the kids are now looking for things to do. The great thing about Fenelon Falls and surround areas is the many options for family activities that are available. With the long summer days ahead, helping your kids stay active and healthy is a breeze.

Warm weather provides a plethora of opportunities for fun fitness. Turn off the TV, video games, computers and cell phones (yes, yours, too) and head outside instead. Climb trees; take a walk; play tag, soccer or a simple game of catch in the park.  Kids love to exercise with their parents and you can set a great example at the same time. Many outdoor chores double as exercise as well: pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, clipping the bushes, raking and bagging the trimmings. If you garden, encourage your kid to get muddy and dirty (great for the immune system) and help you plant flowers or grow vegetables. With the latter, kids get to complete the cycle by eating the healthy things they’ve grown themselves.

Many summer camps are available in our area. The city has summer camps, local sports clubs offer summer camps, Inspired 2 Dance has dance camp, and the local churches have banned together and offer a great summer program too.

Swimming is always an easy option in our area with many local beaches. A day at the park with a picnic and shore games is always a great way for the family to get some time together and for the kids to burn off some steam.  The Garnet Graham Park has the beach area, the picnic area and a great playground all right in town. What more can you ask for??

Plan a Wednesday or a Friday at the Fenelon Farmers Market and let the kids choose some great food for dinner. They often have music, treats, crafts and lots of other fun things to see. Kids love the Farmers Market. This is a great family outing.

Have you been to the Fenelon Museum lately? They have a wonderful area that kids can enjoy. The old school house classroom is set up for them to explore. Start the day with a “pioneer theme” story to set the mood then continue with a visit back in time. Bring an old fashion picnic to enjoy.

Fishing at the Locks?? A scavenger hunt down the Victoria Rail Trail?  Explore the old cemetery? Venture up to Kinmount to explore the park and logging museum – take in a movie at Highland Cinemas while you are there.  Settlers Village? Watch for summer activity days at local libraries.

Let’s enjoy the summer!

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