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Award-Winning Landscape Designers Move to Fenelon Falls

March 8, 2018

Written by Dana Deathe


A sneak peek of Midnight in Paris, featuring Miss Kawartha – Photo by Rpbin Burrows.

In 2016, landscape designers Bruno Cantieni and Julie Moore won the Canada Blooms award for “Outstanding Use of Innovative Elements in a Garden.” In 2017 Bruno and Julie relocated, choosing to settle permanently in Fenelon Falls “in order to enjoy a more nurturing, peaceful and creative environment in support of our artistic goals.”

Bruno and Julie are returning to Canada Blooms this year to present a new feature garden called “Midnight in Paris,” which promises to showcase their Kawartha-influenced creativity: the garden features a striking sculpture that Bruno has created, named “Miss Kawartha.”

Julie and Bruno are the partners behind the landscape design firm Modern Landscape Designers and you can read more about their feature garden as well as their other works here on Julie’s website. Julie says that Midnight in Paris is inspired by “the movie Midnight in Paris which evokes a life of romantic imagination coupled with an appreciation for landscape artistry.” The feature garden will also incorporate an “innovative greenhouse styling” and custom stonework.

As for Miss Kawartha, Bruno says that he was influenced by sculptor Auguste Rodin, whose most famous piece of work is The Thinker. The sculpture, carved from an expanded polystyrene foam block, is a showpiece in the Midnight in Paris feature garden.

Gardening enthusiasts who are making the trip to Canada Blooms this year are encouraged to stop by and see Julie and Bruno, and of course Miss Kawartha. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the award-winning landscape design duo in a future edition of the Town Crier.



Apply Now for Downtown Dreams Contest! Open to March 23

March 8, 2018

Downtown Dreams is a business attraction program designed to attract new or existing businesses to open, expand or move into the downtowns of Coboconk or Norland, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay and Omemee.

Registration will be open to March 23, 2018.

Register for Downtown Dreams online

As part of the registration, applicants are asked to answer the following questions:

1. Describe your business idea.

2. What transferable skills or experience do you have related to this business idea?

3. Who is your ideal client and provide basic market research?

4. What are your estimated startup costs? Do you have an investment for the business or will you be sourcing funding options? If so, how much of an investment is available or how will you achieve this?

Each business must open within the study area in each community no later than October 1, 2018. You can view the study area for each community online.

Applicants are invited to share their business idea through their registration. The Advisory Panel will choose the top 5 applicants for each community to continue in the contest. The top 5 must participate in five mandatory workshops, submit a business plan and present to an advisory panel who will choose a winner for each community.

Each winner will be presented with a prize package to facilitate the opening or expansion of their new business.

Rules & Regulations | contact: Leisha Newton at 705-324-9411 extension 1366 or


Christine Buchanan: Local Hero

March 7, 2018

Written by Geoff Coleman

The Canadian Red Cross recognizes November as CPR awareness month, and on November 6, Fenelon Falls resident, Christine Buchanan took that designation to heart. Or, more specifically, to John Morrow’s heart.

At his home, and experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath, the 79-year old Morrow phoned his wife Linda, asking her to leave work and drive him to the hospital. By the time she made the 5-minute ride to their house, he had suffered a heart attack and collapsed at the end of their driveway. Like most of us, Linda and others present were not trained in emergency first aid. A neighbour on the scene had started chest compressions with the help of 911 operator, but Morrow was not responding.

By all accounts, John was dead when Christine Buchanan drove past the scene seconds later. Having had training in CPR, and seeing the severity of the situation, she parked on the shoulder and took over the resuscitation efforts.
“He was not breathing, I couldn’t find a pulse, and his skin was purple,” recalls Buchanan. However, after a few minutes of chest compressions, he drew a breath. He was not able to keep breathing but encouraged by that one breath, Ms. Buchanan continued administering CPR and minutes later he was taking shallow and laboured breaths.


John Morrow and Christine Buchanan

At that time the ambulance pulled up, and paramedics applied a defibrillator while Buchanan continued the chest compressions. In moments Morrow had vital signs and was breathing on his own when he was loaded into the ambulance.

John’s wife, Linda likes to call Ms. Buchanan his guardian angel, and without her efforts, the situation would have been very different. At the very least, even if paramedics had revived him when they arrived, there would certainly have been damage to Morrow’s brain.

Ms. Buchanan first received training through her employer about ten years ago and was recertified in each of the ensuing seven years. She followed that up on her own dime three years ago with CPR/AED and First Aid courses. Prior to this event, she had never put her training to work, but she credits the comprehensive nature of the courses she took for allowing her to act decisively and effectively.

“CPR training teaches you to react, so that’s what I did. I saw a small group of people at the end of the driveway as I approached the scene and that just looked odd. Then I saw someone’s feet…not standing. So that really caught my eye”, explained Ms. Buchanan with a wry laugh. “When I saw his skin tone I knew that something was really wrong. I asked if they needed my help, and the years of training just came to the surface.”

Events like this underscore the value of CPR training specifically and first aid training in general. If, like Linda Morrow, this incident inspires you to take a CPR course, there are a number running in this area.

Red Cross is advertising a CPR/AED (automated external defibrillation) course on April 7 and April 26, and St. John’s Ambulance offers CPR-A with AED on March 24, April 10 and 14, and May 5 and 15. CPR-A teaches CPR techniques to be used on adult casualties and is suited to workplaces/household that don’t include children. All courses are held in Lindsay. For more information visit the St. John’s Ambulance site for Lindsay and Kawartha Lakes.

Spring is in the Air – Attention Gardeners!

March 7, 2018

Spring is in the air – the sap is running and the cardinals are singing!

Spring also means the start of the horticultural season. The year is shaping up to be fun, informative and exciting. Bookmarks highlighting the 2018 program of meetings are available at the Chamber, the Library and The Book Lady.

The first meeting of the year is on Monday, March 26. Judy Seymour will lead a step by step workshop to make a spring centrepiece. Even non-crafters will be able to produce an attractive arrangement. Please bring $5.00 for materials and wire cutters if you have them.

On April 23 Vikki Whitney from Griffin’s Greenhouses will talk about container gardening for spring and summer. Vikki is a delightful speaker and she will be putting together a planter as well.

The popular plant sale is on Saturday morning May 26 at The Salvation Army Citadel, 42 Bond St. There will be lots of top quality plants from local gardens.

The topic at the meeting on May 28 is landscape design using a natural, ecological and sustainable approach. Helen Batten is an award – winning landscape architect from Basterfield Associates in Peterborough.

As well as these monthly meetings, the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society plants and maintains many of the gardens in town. In recent years many of the gardens have been redesigned and spruced up. This year watch for lots of activity on the slope beside the canal into Sturgeon lake with the hedge saying “Fenelon Falls”. Volunteers most welcome. Please contact Laurie Jones 705-887-5300 to help.

No gardening experience required to come out and enjoy the monthly meetings. So, come along to the Seniors Club at 58 Murray Street at 7pm for an interesting and friendly evening.

Everyone is welcome and membership is only $20 for the year.

Kathy Armstrong

President, Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society

Here is a list of the meetings of the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society:

hort 2018


The Kawartha Small Business Podcast

March 7, 2018

Press Release from Brian Rump


There’s a new podcast in town! Brought to you by financial powerhouse You Group, Inc. and Greg Evans Professional Corporation, The Kawartha Small Business Podcast is for listeners who are curious about all things business and want to know what issues affect rural entrepreneurs in our own backyard.

Hosted by You Group’s President and Principal Consultant, Brian Rump, the Podcast series takes an interview approach, telling the stories of local businesses, and reading the pulse of small business in Canada. Check out new audio content from The Bobcaygeon Brewing Company, Dana The Book Lady, and CrossFit Lindsay!

We’re looking for feedback! 

Is there a topic you’d like to hear on the podcast?
Is there a business you’d like to hear about?
Would you like to be on the Podcast?

Subscribe via Apple Podcasts or wherever fine podcasts are found.

Facebook and Twitter: @kawarthabizpod
Listen to the latest episode featuring Mike Perry on YouTube.

Everything in Moderation….

March 7, 2018

As Oscar Wilde once said “everything in moderation, even moderation”.  In an age of constant and ever-changing information, what does that actually mean?

scalesOne day, you should eat more chocolate, the next day less.  Same for red wine, coffee, butter. One could not be blamed for simply giving up on trying to figure out what is best for us, but at the end of the day, go back to “everything in moderation”.  As can be said for all aspects of life, we are rarely perfected through extremes.

So be realistic with your own goals and recognize that never having a treat again is not likely to be achievable and certainly won’t be satisfying; so don’t set yourself up for failure.  Instead, have a small scoop of ice cream instead of that giant banana split. The same is true for exercise. Waking up one January first to decide you will run a marathon may not be a realistic goal whilst going for a walk two or three times a week might be.  How about alcohol, gambling versus buying an occasional lottery ticket?

Heck, in our modern age, everything can be seen through the lens of vice or benefit.  I would never want to give up being able to Skype my 70+ year old mother-in-law in the UK, but I also don’t want to be on an electronic device constantly.  Ever go out to a restaurant and see a table of people all on their phones rather than actually talking to the people they are with? What a wasted opportunity.

So enjoy the benefits life has to offer; be it the healing effects of a walk or using technology to cross the miles, or maybe even that piece of chocolate or glass of wine.  But remember – everything in moderation!

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT


Killing Him Softly – A Short Film by Shaun Soutar

February 22, 2018

On Tuesday, February 27,  Films by the Falls audiences will be treated to a special showing of a short film made by a high school student at FFSS, as part of the Film Circuit’s short film series, which runs before each feature this season. The Town Crier was able to interview Shaun Soutar about his one-minute short film called “Killing Him Softly.”

image1Town Crier: Tell us a bit about yourself. What grade are you in at FFSS?

Shaun Soutar: My name is Shaun Soutar, I am 16 years old (I’ll be 17 March 10th!), and I am in grade 11. The title of my short film is “Killing Him Softly.”

TC: When did you start working on this short film? How long did it take you to make it?

SS: I started working on this short film in September of this school year as part of an assignment for my drama class. The goal of the project was to create an effective short film that was exactly 1 minute in length. Initially, I had a completely different idea for the film, and actually shot some footage with different actors. However, I realized the weekend before the film was due that I didn’t have enough footage to create the film that I had originally envisioned. This left me in a familiar bind; with only a weekend left to complete a school project. Although, I believe this actually worked out for the best, as I find I do my best work when I’m under the pressure of a deadline. Therefore, the planning, staging, and filming of this short film actually happened all in one weekend.

TC: Wow! That must have been one full weekend. What inspired you to make this film?

SS: My inspiration stemmed from my passion for human rights, and, more specifically, from my interest in struggles that the LGBTQ+ community faces in society. From this, I decided that I wanted to tell a simple story that highlighted the life of a young transgender person, a perspective we do not often get to see in mainstream media. Of course, I had to convey this story in only 60 seconds, which put an extreme limit on the complexity of the plot. This forced me to really strip my vision down to its bare essentials, so that my message would be clearly portrayed. For this reason, I decided to not include any spoken dialogue in my film, as this would likely prove ineffective and time consuming. Instead, I was forced to rely completely on visual communication to tell my story. I would like to think this makes my film more interesting, as it is up to the viewer to piece together the message for themselves.

"Killing Him Softly", a short film by Shaun Soutar

“Killing Him Softly,” a short film by Shaun Soutar

TC: What message or feeling do you hope to convey to the audience when it’s over?

SS: Overall, I designed the film as a brief, but intimate, look into the life of a transgender teen who is facing a major decision in their life. I hope that my film will make audiences really think about what they’ve seen, and I hope that they can appreciate the struggle I have tried to depict. More importantly however, I hope that they feel compelled to go out into the world with a new perspective of people quite unlike themselves, and to recognize these people for their amazing bravery. In this way, I hope that this community will be able to see the LGBTQ+ community in a new, accepting light, as it is really up to all of us to create a world that everyone feels comfortable living in.

TC: What are your future plans? Do you hope to go into filmmaking? What’s next now that this short film is complete?

SS: After highschool I want to pursue my passion of filmmaking at university, and, though I won’t be graduating for another year, I am already looking at possible programs I might want to enroll in. For now however, I am going to continue focusing on my studies, though I will certainly continue making films. I feel I have learned a lot from making this film, both technically and artistically, and I would like to apply these new skills to my next project (whatever that may be). In the future, I would like to try making a longer, more complex short film that really showcases what I’ve learned. At the very least, I can aim for a film that’s longer than 60 seconds.

TC: Wow, that’s great! You are off to a great start with a wide audience at the next Films by the Falls showing. Thanks so much for your time Shaun, and we look forward to seeing “Killing Him Softly” followed by a Q&A with you on Tuesday, February 27th.

SS: :)

Letter from the Editor – Olympic Fever

February 22, 2018

Every 2 years, alternating between summertime and wintertime, I am reminded how tightly I am gripped by Olympic Fever. I support Team Canada with fervor, setting alarms to wake up early to watch curling games, or to wake up in the middle of the night to watch hockey games. I may have replayed the ice dancing final featuring Canada’s sweethearts a few times this year.

Team Canada supporters at the 2010 games in Vancouver

Team Canada supporters at the 2010 games in Vancouver

Even if you don’t get as fanatic as I do, it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement of the Olympic games. This morning, in the wake of some significant disappointments for Canadian athletes in Pyeongchang, I found myself reflecting on how much we feel for these athletes as spectators watching back home. In fact, I’m surprised at how acutely I feel for these competitors, through all their ups and downs.

From the highs like a gold medal in the Team Skate, watching Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir personify love on ice, repeating history by tying for the gold medal in bobsleigh, and the Mark McMorris comeback story – to the lows, including an uncharacteristically early exit from competition for the women’s curling, a loss in the semifinals for the men’s curling, and a crushing loss to the US in the gold medal game for women’s hockey… we feel it all, right along with our athletes.

Team Canada: when you triumph, we feel joyous and celebrate your achievements. When you show us love, we love you right back. When you feel disappointment and heartbreak, we feel it for you, too.

The games in Pyeongchang have taken us on a rollercoaster that is coming to a stop with the closing ceremonies this upcoming weekend. Through all the wins, losses, and heartbreaks, we are so incredibly proud of the athletes representing Canada for embodying the competitive spirit. Win or lose, I love cheering for Team Canada. Go Canada Go!

– Dana Deathe

Restoration Has Begun on Historic Fenelon Marquee

February 22, 2018

We are so very happy to announce that restoration has begun on the sign. So, we are officially “Under Re-Construction”! Thank you to George Lawrence and Brian Patterson for managing this stage of our project. We will bring you updates as the guys start tunnamed (1)o make progress.

The Fenelon Theatre Marquee Group has been working hard to raise funds. Soliciting donations and applying for grants so that we can restore the Marquee and are just about at the halfway mark to our goal. If you haven’t donated yet but want to, click here to print out the donation form and mail it, along with your cheque to the Maryboro Lodge (Fenelon Theatre Marquee), P.O. Box 179, 50 Oak Street, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0. Every little bit helps us bring back the lights!!

The committee popped up at the Barn & Bunkie sale last December. It was a blast networking, raising funds and collecting donations, and remembering good times at the Fenelon Theatre. We have raised over $5000 in past few months – thanks to Grr8 Finds Market, Randy Meredith, Norm Howard, Pineridge Landscaping, The Rotary Club, and a very special Memorial to John Livingstone.

If you feel like you missed out, please stop into Grr8 Finds Market on Colborne Street, Fenelon Falls to pick up your limited edition t-shirts, sweaters, and other swag.

Stay tuned for announcements about our next pop-up shops (hint : watch for us at the Kawartha Lakes Country Living Show, at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre on Friday, April 27 – Sunday, April 29, 2018.

-The Fenelon Theatre Marquee Group

Calling all Quilters

February 22, 2018
Stained Glass Quilt by the Wee Little Quilt Shoppe. Take a class with them to make this quilt design.

Stained Glass Quilt by the Wee Little Quilt Shoppe. Take a class with them to make this quilt design.

Quilting and sewing enthusiasts are probably already aware that the Lil’ Wee Quilt Shoppe has moved from their previous location on Francis Street to the corner of Colborne Street, in the iconic spot that was Stokes on Trent. Owner Vivienne Samis has been in business with the quilt shop for two years, and she is excited to take advantage of the high visibility offered by the new Colborne Street location, just north of the falls.

The Lil’ Wee Quilt Shoppe offers a full range of quilting and sewing supplies, including: flannel, batiks, 100% cotton, notions, and specialty rulers. They also offer sewing machine repairs, so don’t give up on that project when your machine starts acting up; just bring it on in to the Lil’ Wee Quilt Shoppe.

In addition to the sewing and quilting supplies for sale, they also offer “both computerized and custom” long arm quilting services, as well as a DIY rental of the long arm machine in-house for the “more adventurous quilter.” The staff at the Lil’ Wee Quilt Shoppe can help make the quilt you’ve been dreaming of making your bed with.

For new quilters, they also offer classes to help you build your quilting skills. They are currently offering a class on making a “Stained Glass” quilt on March 10th this year, and have their full class schedule available on their website at and on their Facebook page.

Start planning your next quilting project, or pick up the quilt you’ve been neglecting to finish and let the folks at the Lil’ Wee Quilt Shoppe help you in their new location!


Local Market News by Brian Rump – Fenelon’s Population Growth

February 22, 2018

Brought to you by the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce 

This is the second article in our local market series.


FFDCC Logo JPEG copyAs we continue discussing the business market in Fenelon Falls, we will look at some of the demographic characteristics of the trade area. Last time, we discussed the total population in the trade area was about 14,500. Over the next several issues, we will dig deeper and deeper into some of the characteristics of this group, and discuss how it could influence your business, or your plans to develop a new business.


Throughout the market analysis study, the Fenelon Falls trade area is compared to the City of Kawartha Lakes, and also to the province of Ontario. This comparison allows us to see what is similar to other areas, and what is truly unique. The potential impact on business is that caution needs to be exercised when choosing what business models to replicate in Fenelon Falls.


When we look at the total population in Fenelon Falls and consider population growth, the rate of population change over 2015 to 2018 is anticipated to be 1.2% in Fenelon Falls, compared to 1.3% in City of Kawartha Lakes, and 1.4% in Ontario. Over 2018 to 2020, this is 1.1% Fenelon Falls, and 1.3% for City of Kawartha Lakes and Ontario. We can also compare this to the number of households, and their growth. Over 2015 to 2018 households will grow 5.1% in Fenelon Falls, 5.4% in City of Kawartha Lakes, and 5.3% in Ontario. Over 2018-2020 this will be 3.2% Fenelon Falls and 3.4% City of Kawartha Lakes and Ontario.


There are a few interesting points here. One is that the population growth is growing slower than the households. This means we are creating more houses than people. This would again support the argument that this is a retirement community. It is also interesting to note that Fenelon Falls is not growing at the same rate as City of Kawartha Lakes or Ontario.


So what does this mean for business?


If your business model is depending on population growth, then you should expect to see slower growth versus similar businesses in other parts of Ontario. We will see less people in every house, so our population density will not be growing. If you own a retail store, you will be more likely to see one or two people getting out of their vehicle than a whole family tumbling out of a minivan.


So now that we have discussed the characteristics of population and growth in Fenelon Falls, how does this impact your current business strategy? Will you make any enhancements? If you are planning to start a business, does this change anything? As always, please let us know what you think, so we can continue to discuss business in Fenelon Falls.


Fenelon’s Trade Area – Read Brian’s first article here:

About the Author

Brian Rump is a Director on the Board of Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce, and has been involved with several community groups and initiatives focusing on economic development in Fenelon Falls. Professionally, Brian has worked with several local businesses, primarily in obtaining funding through bank loans and government grants. Brian can be reached via email at


Downtown Dreams Contest Launches March 2nd

February 22, 2018

Dreaming about opening a business downtown, or expanding your existing downtown Fenelon business? Check out this announcement from Leisha Newton with the City of Kawartha Lakes to see if the Downtown Dreams program and contest could help you make your business dreams come true.

Downtown Dreaming on a Winter's day

Downtown Dreaming on a Winter’s day

from Leisha Newton:

Downtown Dreams is a business and growth program designed to attract new or existing businesses to open, expand or move into the downtowns of Coboconk or Norland, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay and Omemee. Plans for the program will focus on business attraction, marketing and business training and development.

We will be launching the Downtown Dreams business attraction contest on March 2, 2018, and a website is being developed with more information over the coming weeks. The registration will open online on March 2, 2018, and we are hosting a public launch of the program in the Victoria Room at 8am on March 2, 2018. 


Applicants will be invited to share their business idea, participate in mandatory workshops, submit a business plan and present to an advisory panel who will choose a winner for each community. Each winner will be presented with a prize package to facilitate the opening or expansion of their new business. There will not be a cash prize included in the prize package, however there will be products & services included to assist with a business.

Training will be provided throughout the four communities, and I will visit the communities throughout the registration and mentoring process.

More details will always be posted on the project website, once it is live.

Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thank you,

Leisha Newton

Economic Development Officer – Downtown

City of Kawartha Lakes

705-324-9411 ext 1366


Creativity is worth taking the time to enjoy

February 21, 2018

MONA-LISA-C-1507-By-LEONARDO-DA-VINCI-Giclee-Print-Canvas-Wall-Art-Print-Portrait-Painting.jpg_640x640Take some time to be creative

Too many things on your to-do list and your hobbies are falling by the wayside?  Don’t be too quick to dismiss your creative endeavours as frivolous.

According to the American Public Health Association,  while chronic disease is a national burden, they are also often associated with negative psycho-social impacts such as depression which tend to increase negative impacts of such conditions.  Health psychologists have found that art provides an opportunity for self-reflection, alters both behaviour and thinking patterns, resulting in a reduction of symptoms.

Additionally, art fills the void often occupied by distracted thoughts of illness and reduces the associated stress and anxiety.  But if you are thinking the benefits are all “in your head”, think again.  An article in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine used writing as a treatment for HIV patients and found that it impacted the cells inside the body, leading to improved immune systems.

So don’t dismiss that hobby, whether you write, paint, sing or knit – it is good for you.  The physical and psychological benefits of being creative are expressed in tangible ways making it worth to set aside the time.

So do something creative and be kind do yourself at the same time.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

Dreaming of a Downtown Business?

February 8, 2018

If you or someone you know has an entrepreneurial spirit, you may want to enter the Downtown Dreams contest that the City of Kawartha Lakes is running this spring. The contest is a result of funding committed to the City of Kawartha Lakes from the Rural Economic Development (RED) program and administered by OMAFRA, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

The purpose of this funding, and the Downtown Dreams contest, is to encourage growth and boost economic development in the four Downtown Revitalization communities of Fenelon Falls, Coboconk/Norland, Lindsay, and Omemee. Our local businesses help to drive tourism to our area, and are a huge part of what makes Fenelon Falls such a memorable place to visit.

The contest details will be announced soon. If you have an idea for a new business you’ve been dreaming about launching in Fenelon’s downtown, or you have an existing business you are ready to expand, contact Leisha Newman, Economic Development Officer -Downtown, 705-324-9411 ext. 1366 or by email Dream big, dream downtown Fenelon Falls!


A Meditative Walk in the Park – Films by the Falls February Movie “Meditation Park”

February 8, 2018
Meditation-Park-bannerMina Shum directs an all-star cast — including Cheng Pei Pei, Sandra Oh, Tzi Ma, and Don McKellar — in her latest feature, about a devoted wife and mother (Pei Pei) who is forced to reassess her reverence for her husband after she finds another woman’s thong in his laundry. In Meditation Park, Mina Shum returns to the themes that propelled her early work. The film opens with Maria (Cheng Pei Pei) hosting a birthday celebration for her workaholic accountant husband, Bing, (Tzi Ma). Maria reveres Bing and remains in awe of the sacrifices he has made for the family, so much so that she even respects his insistence that she not speak to their son.

But when she finds evidence that Bing may not be the perfect person she believes him to be, she’s forced to consider her world in a radically different light. Maria embarks on a journey of self-discovery by engaging with the world around her, something Bing has always discouraged. She befriends a group of local eccentrics and a rather shady neighbour, Gabriel (Don McKellar). Maria soon realizes that people’s lives are much more complicated than Bing has led her to believe.

Shum exhibits genuine compassion with her insight into the experiences of first-generation immigrant women (including showing how men control their wives by discouraging them from social interaction and learning other languages).

Meditation Park is a charming and generous film, boasting fine performances by its leads and great support by McKellar, Liane Balaban (in an affecting and lovely cameo), and the star of Shum’s debut, Double Happiness, the phenomenal Sandra Oh, as Maria’s daughter.

The screening date is Tuesday, February 27th — Doors open at 6:30 pm and the Movie starts at 7:30 pm at FFSS. Tickets are available in advance at Grr8 Finds Market or at the Box Office on the night of event.
FBTF Poster 2018-02 Meditation Park

Snowshoe Running Gaining Speed in Fenelon Falls

February 7, 2018


Snowshoe Kawartha’s Winter Festival this year was a huge success, with a world record set for most kids participating in a snowshoe race and significant growth over last year’s event, which is great news for Fenelon; in fact, at the last Fenelon Forward meeting Wayne Jolly, the chair for Snowshoe Kawartha, announced that the Winter Festival will be hosting the provincial championships for snowshoe running in 2019.

With our close proximity to a frozen-solid Cameron Lake and all of the snow we have been getting this winter, snowshoe running is quickly becoming a hot new fitness trend for winter in our area. If you are a seasonal runner, consider snowshoe running as a winter alternative, and if you are more of a casual snowshoer then upping your intensity could burn calories faster than walking at the same pace.

Snowshoeing is also a super-effective exercise. According to this article, snowshoeing “provides a cardio workout while also building strength, agility, balance and endurance,” and you also get the benefits of being outdoors enjoying nature. What a great way to chase the winter blues away!

The Winter Festival on February 3rd brought snowshoe racers of all ages from near and far, with participants running either 5k or 10k routes on beginning on Cameron Lake, winding up to the quarry and back. The kids who set the world record ran a 500m route on the lake to set the record and help put Fenelon on the map for snowshoe racing.

In addition to snowshoe racing, the Winter Festival offered other winter activities like ice fishing, fat tire biking, and crokicurl (a combination of curling and crokinole on the ice!) as well as a historic tour through the village hosted by Bev Jeeves of the Maryboro Lodge. Check out these great photos of the event to see people embracing winter and all it has to offer, and come out for next year’s snowshoe races and Winter Festival.


The Country Cupboard Goes Green with New Owner Julia Taylor

February 7, 2018
Julia and Carson at the Country Cupboard

Julia and Carson at the Country Cupboard

Julia Taylor grew up right here in Fenelon. She remembers when they built Langton Public School, and that as a young girl she contributed a $2 dollar bill to the time capsule they created to mark the school’s opening. While she moved away in her early teens, she remained fond of the small community-focused village of Fenelon Falls.

When Julia and her husband were choosing a place to live and raise their family, Fenelon was the obvious choice and they returned in 2007 simply because, as Julia puts it, “Fenelon is our favourite town in Kawartha Lakes.” Julia was drawn to living in Fenelon because of our naturally scenic features: the falls, the locks, the beach, and the green spaces that have remained unchanged since her childhood.

During her years as a stay-at-home Mom, Julia got active with volunteering in the community and quickly saw that when she chose to get back to work, she wanted to bring together her passions for the environment, entrepreneurship, and healthy living in a way that gives back to the community. Julia recently saw the opportunity for her to do just that when she purchased the Country Cupboard on May Street.

Julia plans for the Country Cupboard to continue to be the place in town to go for “knowledgeable and informative help with vitamins and supplements” thanks of course to Carson, who will be staying on as Julia’s “right-hand man and supplements expert.” In addition, Julia will be turning the Country Cupboard into the place to go for “fresh quality pantry staples,” offering a 10% discount for customers who bring in their own containers as an eco-friendly shopping choice.

20180129_182205 (1)Finally, Julia will also bring to the shop a wealth of information on “all things whole-food, plant-based, and chemical-free home and body care.” And don’t worry – the famous frozen yogurt isn’t going anywhere, and she is also planning to offer a dairy-free option soon. Yum!

You can follow The Country Cupboard on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stop in to the Country Cupboard soon to say hi to Julia and chat with her about living green!


Kennel opens its doors in Fenelon Falls

February 7, 2018


Dionna and Patrick Wylde love dogs.

So after hearing from many that there is a need in the district for another kennel, they decided to turn their love of the four-legged friend into a business venture.

They opened the doors to “Jurassic Bark Kennels”—located on 28 forested acres on the outskirts of Fenelon Falls—this January.

“It’s something we have thought about for quite a while,” said Dionna.

They got started on constructing the building to house their canine guests two years ago, but did plenty of research prior to that.

“We wanted to do it right,” she stressed, saying they visited a number of kennels nearby to get an idea of their facilities and how they operated.

JurassicBark_TownCrierImage2The 700 square foot building has 7 sleeping areas, each with their own individual outdoor runs accessible by a custom made doggy door that can be opened without entering the pen.

“Sometimes dogs are not friendly with anyone except their owner, or it just takes them a while to adjust,” noted Wylde.

“Sometimes they are frightened so we wanted to set it up so no one gets hurt,” she explained, adding she can simply use the pulley mechanism to raise the door while staying outside the pen.

“Jurassic Bark Kennels” also boasts a small reception area, a food prep area and a full service grooming salon.

There is a fully fenced common area at the side of the building which serves as a play area for the dogs and a multi-acre fenced paddock for longer romps. This summer they plan on constructing a doggy jungle gym complete with ramps, houses and a small pool for their guests to cool off.

“We’re really looking forward to having the play area for the dogs,” she noted.

The couple also has trails where they will take dogs for nature walks—for an added fee.

“They really like the trails,” Wylde remarked.

They already have had a few guests, and have enjoyed getting to know the few dogs that have been there to date. But they really are hoping the pens will start to fill up.

“We hadn’t been really promoting it too much yet because we wanted to make sure everything was ready and we needed approval from the City. Now that is done and we have our licence. We are very excited to open our doors,” Dionna explained.

The kennel offers daycare as well as boarding – both short term and long term. Fees for the kennel will be very comparable to others in the area. Guests are accepted by appointment only.

“Jurassic Bark Kennels” is located at 18 Fell’s Point Road, just off of Northline Road.

Heading north out of Fenelon on Hwy. 121, turn left onto Northline Road, then left again onto Fell’s Point Road. The driveway will be the first one on your right.

For more information, or to book your stay or your furry friend’s “spaw” day, call 705-887-6597 or 705-340-2925, or email You can also visit their Facebook page – “Jurassic Bark Kennels” and view photos and news.


Level Up Summit

January 25, 2018

helping business owners evolve


Level Up Summit squareAfter the success of the Level Up Series offered by the Kawartha Lakes Chambers and Small Business Enterprise Centre, they will be returning with a Summit event to help business owners level-up and network with other local business owners.

The Level Up Summit will be held at the Admiral Inn in Lindsay on February 22, from 8am to 3pm – mark your calendars.

Previously called the Small Business Bridges Event, the Level Up Summit is focused on helping business owners build self-motivation, convert that motivation into sales, and learn how to leverage family assets into sales success for your business.

The Summit will draw a large number of local business owners from Kawartha Lakes and beyond, offering a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with one another and create a support network for business success.

Follow the KLSBEC Facebook page for more details or register for the event at starting Jan 26th. The cost of the event is $45 and includes lunch. All area Chamber members will enjoy a discount through eventbrite.

Food, prizes, business success: the perfect recipe for Entrepreneurs!

If you are a local business that serves other businesses and you would like to participate, please reach out to Bob at for more information about reserving a table at the event.

Level Up Summit Flyer_3

2018 Country Living Show – Vendor Package Released

January 25, 2018

2018 KLCLS - Final Logo


What makes living in Kawartha Lakes so special? Country Living!

The Kawartha Country Living Show returns April 27-29 at the Community Centre, and the vendor package was released today – see below for links. Mark your calendars and start thinking about how to make your vendor booth stand out!

The venue for our show will continue to be the Fenelon Falls Arena & Community Centre, located at 27 Veteran’s Way in Fenelon Falls and the show times are as follows:

Friday, April 27              4 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, April 28          10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, April 29            10 am to 3 pm

With special thanks to our Sponsors, and based on the positive feedback and success of last year’s show, we are delighted to report FREE ADMISSION will be back this year! The Barn and Bunkie Spring Sale will be back in 2018, helping to make this year’s show a “can’t miss” event in the Kawartha Lakes this spring. Our attendance number in 2017 was over 2,500 – a 25% increase from the previous year; and we are working hard to continue to see this number increase.


Vendors are asked to remit their registration form, along with payment, by March 15th to guarantee a booth. We will do our best to accommodate booth requests, striving to make the show floor fresh and exciting for our dedicated, returning patrons. Final booth assignments will be forwarded to vendors by April 12th.


If you have any questions please contact Shannon Bain, Chamber Manager, at 705-887-3409 or by email at


We look forward to seeing you in April!


vendor package available at

Welcome Home, Anna Radey

January 25, 2018

Anna Radey may have grown up attending school in Toronto, but her family has had deep roots in Fenelon Falls for many generations. In fact, Anna’s recent choice to relocate to Fenelon permanently has made her the 5th generation in her family to live in Kawartha Lakes.

Anna’s Grandfather ran the original Canadian Tire in Fenelon Falls, and her dad Terry was a well-respected and longstanding businessman in the community. Raised in Lindsay, Terry started the iconic ice cream shop Slices n’ Scoops 22 years ago and Anna has been running the shop every summer season since 2007.


Anna’s mom Sandy hails from Indianapolis and worked as a real estate agent for 25 years. While growing up in Toronto, Terry and Sandy demonstrated for Anna the importance of giving back to the community and fostering positive working relationships with the residents and businesses that surround you.

It is clear that Anna still carries those lessons today, as you can see the many ways she has already started to get involved with the community of Fenelon Falls: as the new Events Director on the board for the Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce, Anna will be helping us enjoy classic Fenelon events like Midnight Madness and may even bring an exciting new event to town this summer. Anna’s expertise in planning this year’s Country Living Show is also greatly appreciated.

Anna has embraced winter in Fenelon by taking up curling with a team of ragtag misfits who are really enjoying learning the sport and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the curling club on Tuesday nights even more. Be sure to stop in for a slice and/or scoop this summer and say hi to Anna!

Snowshoe Kawartha’s Winter Festival

January 25, 2018

More than just Snowshoe Racing

While Snowshoe Kawartha’s Winter Festival on February 3rd hosts the races that open the Snowshoe Canada Ontario Cup Series this year, there is more winter fun to be had at the festival besides snowshoe racing.

sk rentalsBruce Earp, famous for his fancy fishing lures, will be offering ice fishing demonstrations on Cameron Lake. Bruce will be available to show festival-goers the basics for setting up an ice fishing hole, answer questions about ice fishing, help people get acquainted with the sport, and hopefully catch a fish or two to show us how its done.

The biggest bike shop in Cambray – Spokes for Folks – are bringing a number of Fat Tire bikes to the Winter Festival for you to try out. These specially-designed bikes with extra large tires are made for biking in snow and ice. If you’ve ever wished you could keep cycling through the winter time, Fat Tire biking may be perfect for you!

The Snowshoe Kawartha committee has all of their fingers crossed that the weather co-operates enough for them to create two crokicurl rinks on Cameron Lake and bring the new mash-up sport to Kawartha Lakes for the first time. Crokicurl is a combination of curling and crokinole that is taking winter-loving Canadians by storm; hopefully we can all try it out on February 3rd.

Ms. Bev Jeeves, curator of the Maryboro Lodge, will be hosting a guided Historic Tour of the village of Fenelon Falls. The tour begins at 11:30 am and people interested in this tour will be kept warm on the trek through the village thanks to the use of the fantastic Dromoland Trolley.

There is also the Kids World Record Attempt for the most participants aged 15 and under in a snowshoe race. A number of kids snowshoes are available for this event. If you are interested in joining the 5k or 10k races but don’t own your own snowshoes, Wild Rock will be on site with snowshoe rentals in kids and adult sizes, as well as snowshoes for sale. Get all of the details at See you on the ice on February 3rd!

Snowshoe Kawartha - Poster 2018

Curling Club Raises Awareness for Alzheimer’s

January 24, 2018

A Tribute to Dana, a Bonspiel to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Society, was held at the Fenelon Falls Curling Club on Saturday January 13, which was also Dana’s birthday. Curlers came together for a day of learning about how to keep your brain healthy and for friendly competition. The FFCC curling members put on a delicious meal, contributed draw prizes for the table and curled in the bonspiel. There was entertainment all afternoon by Marc Ekins, Dana’s son. Dana’s siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother, came from Gravenhurst for the occasion, and Dana’s husband John played in the bonspiel. Fenelon Falls Curling Club managed to raise $2,400.00 for the Alzheimer’s Society. Thanks to all the club members; the Fenelon Falls Curling Club, the club with a big heart.

Dana - Curling Club Jan 2018


Salvation Army Overwhelmed with Gratitude

January 24, 2018

UntitledAs another Christmas has come and gone, we want you to know that you have helped to make a difference in the lives of others in this community and surrounding area, leaving them with happy memories.

We would like to sincerely thank all donors and volunteers for their very generous gifts of money, food, toys, knitted articles, time and venues to ensure that everyone had a Merry Christmas and can continue to receive assistance throughout the year.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude — our kettles received $37,922.01, a record amount for us!!

Special thank you to: LCBO in Fenelon Falls, Coboconk & Bobcaygeon, Valu-Mart in Bobcaygeon, Foodland in Coboconk & Bobcaygeon, Sobeys in Fenelon Falls, Tim Hortons in Fenelon Falls & Bobcaygeon, Canadian Tire in Fenelon Falls and the Red Apple in Fenelon Falls for allowing us venues for the kettles.

Kawartha Lakes Civitan Club for looking after the kettle at Foodland in Coboconk. Fenelon Falls & District Lions Club and Rotary Club of Fenelon Falls for each taking a day to look after the kettle at LCBO Fenelon Falls.

Bank of Montreal – coats, snowsuits and boots for kids

OPP & Sobeys for Cram the Cruiser

Sobeys, Sharneys, Red Apple, Pharmasave & Langton Public School – food drives

The Salvation Army Thrift Store Fenelon Falls – food drive

Fenelon Falls Canada Post – toy drive

Fenelon Falls Home Hardware – toy drive

Red Apple – toy drive

Canadian Tire – toy drive

Those individuals, community groups and businesses who sponsored families and made donations.

God bless you in 2018 and thank you for your continued support.



Community & Family Services & Food Bank

Help Yourself Quit Smoking This Year

January 24, 2018


- Many Quit-Smoking Supports and Resources Available to Help People Trying To Break Free From Tobacco Use -

“Quitting smoking is easy; I’ve done it thousands of times.”

This quote, attributed to famous American author Mark Twain, isn’t far off the mark, according to the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit. It can take many quit attempts to finally stop smoking for good, which is why National Non-Smoking Week (January 21-27) and Weedless Wednesday (January 24) are excellent times to try, try again.

“While the first quit attempt may not always work out, every additional time you try can bring you closer to smoke-free success,” says Karen Taylor, a Public Health Nurse with the HKPR District Health Unit. “Going tobacco-free is a great way to improve your health, and reduce second-hand or third-hand smoke into the environment.”

There are many free quit-smoking resources, programs and contests to help people in Haliburton County, Northumberland County and the City of Kawartha Lakes go tobacco-free. These include:

  • The S.T.O.P. (Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients) Program offered by the Health Unit in Lindsay (January 23 and March 8), Port Hope (January 25), Haliburton (February 6) and Cobourg (February 27). The no-cost program provides quit-smoking resources and five weeks of free nicotine patches for participants. To see if they qualify for the program, smokers can call the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577, ext. 2240.

  • The First Week Challenge Contest ( encourages Ontario smokers to give up tobacco for one week for a chance to win $500. Entrants must sign up by the last day of the month and stay tobacco-free for the first week of the next month. Every month through 2018, a new winner will be randomly chosen. The First Week Challenge Contest is organized by the Canadian Cancer Society.

  • Cash prizes can be the motivation for young adults to quit smoking. People aged 18-29 years are encouraged to enter the Wouldurather( quit-smoking contest by January 28, 2018. By becoming smoke-free, contest entrants can win cash prizes up to $2,500. Wouldurather is organized by Leave the Pack Behind.
  • Many health care professionals in Haliburton County, Northumberland County and the City of Kawartha Lakes can provide advice, support and resources to help smokers trying to quit. To find out what is available in their community, local residents can visit the Health Unit website ( for a complete list of services.

  • Smokers’ Helpline ( or toll-free 1-877-513-5333) is a free, confidential service operated by the Canadian Cancer Society that offers support and information about quitting smoking and tobacco use.

For media inquiries, contact:

Karen Taylor, Public Health Nurse, HKPR District Health Unit, 1-866-888-477, ext. 2240.

Greetings from Dana, New Editor of the Town Crier

January 10, 2018

Meet your new editor, Dana Deathe

Greetings and Salutations!

the book ladyYou may have met me in town before, and you may know that I am the new owner of The Book Lady in Fenelon. You may know that I spent my whole life cottaging here, and that I moved here from Calgary last spring. It’s safe to say that I think Fenelon Falls is a pretty special place.

You may not know, though, that my family has a long history in this area; my great-grandfather was a minister here, and he built the cottage that I grew up enjoying. On the other side of my family, my grandparents spent their summers on Sturgeon Lake where my mother grew up before she and my dad committed, perhaps equally, to each other and to the shores of Cameron Lake.

I am so excited to be a part of this community and when I arrived I immediately started looking for ways to get involved. I’m thrilled to be the Communications Director on the board of the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce, and now I have the pleasure of communicating directly with you via this fantastic newsletter.

If you’d ever like to chat with me about anything (especially books, I love talking about books!) please do drop by the bookstore one day soon.


Until next time!

Dana Deathe


Snowshoe Kawartha Event in Fenelon Sat. Feb. 3rd

January 10, 2018

This year on February 3rd Snowshoe Kawartha returns to bring fun cold-weather events to the 2nd annual Winter Festival. The 5k and 10k snowshoe races open the Snowshoe Canada Ontario Cup Series for this season, and Fenelon is proud to host this event that brings in winter visitors. This year there will be a world record attempt for the most kids in a 500-metre snowshoe race, so tell all kids 15 and under to grab a pair of snowshoes and join us in making history!

In addition to the snowshoe races, the Winter Festival will again be hosting ice fishing demonstrations, a historic tour through the village, and this year will introduce two new events with Fat Tire Biking and the hot new winter sport trend, Crokicurl: a combination of crokinole and curling.

Beat the winter blues with Snowshoe Kawartha’s 2nd annual Winter Festival! To learn more about these events and to register for the snowshoe races, visit

Snowshoe Kawartha - Poster 2018

Local Market News by Brian Rump – Fenelon’s Trade Area

January 10, 2018

Brought to you by the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce 

FFDCC Logo JPEG copyOver the past several years, members of the Fenelon Falls community have been involved in multiple economic development initiatives working to strengthen businesses, and the whole community as an excellent place to live. Initiatives have included the creation and development of Fenelon Forward, a Business Retention and Expansion Project, and most recently, the Downtown Revitalization program. Community members have partnered with City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development, and have benefited from provincial funding through Rural Economic Development and Federal funding through the Eastern Ontario Development Program. These initiatives have engaged dozens of volunteers, and resulted in several successful projects (The Town Crier being but one example).

As part of the Downtown Revitalization project, a Market Analysis of Fenelon Falls was conducted. The full report is available through City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development (you can find it here), and contains 55 pages of detailed information about Fenelon Falls.

This year, we would like to bring to you some of the highlights of this report, especially those that pertain to business. If you already have a business in Fenelon Falls, how can you use this information to grow? If you’d like to have a business in Fenelon Falls, how can this information help you with your business plan?

We will cover topics such as our trade area, the daytime population, income distribution, consumer habits, business mix and identified gaps. We will provide some perspective of the data, maybe challenge it, and hopefully spark some discussion about how it can be used to grow and strengthen the community. We would love you hear your feedback, get questions, or ideas for future topics of discussion (see below for contact information).

So without further ado, here is our first of the series…


Fenelon Falls’ Trade Area

Who shops in Fenelon Falls?

Fenelon Trade AreaAs part of the Fenelon Falls market analysis, a survey was conducted to define the trade area for the downtown retail and services businesses. A trade area is defined as the geographic area in which the majority (in this case 75%) of existing and potential customers reside. The survey results were analyzed using Geographic Information Systems.

The trade area includes Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon, the entire north shore of Sturgeon Lake, all of Cameron Lake, the whole east side of Balsam Lake, over to Glenarm, and down to the north of Lindsay. This is a wide area that includes much more than Fenelon Falls. The area is 461 square kilometers, with a population of approximately 14,500

So why does this matter?

When thinking of the Village of Fenelon Falls, the population is often quoted as 1,800 permanent residents. We know this swells during the summer months, and we know that there is some impact from the surrounding area, but this analysis uses data from 75% of customers of existing businesses to show that Fenelon Falls draws customers from a wider area, with a population of about 14,500.

As you build your business plan, there are implications to structuring your business to serve 1800 residents, with a seasonal swell versus 14,500 residents with a seasonal swell.

Another implication is marketing and advertising. Do you only target the Village of Fenelon Falls? Or do you include the residents of the wider area? Bobcaygeon is clearly within the trade area, so how do you engage them?

What about Lindsay? Residents there are just outside of the trade area, but includes a larger population density that could be targeted more easily than, for example, the GTA.

What about tourism? We often tout City of Kawartha Lakes as a tourism destination, but if 75% of customers come from the Fenelon Falls Trade area, how many of the other 25% come from further afield? Does your marketing budget reflect this?

If your business was faced with a choice between increasing your sales 10% from customers within the trade area, or increasing your sales 10% from customers outside your trade area, which would you choose?

So now that we understand where 75% of Fenelon Falls customers reside, the next step will be learning more about them, and their behaviours, so we can better adapt our business plans to reflect the market. Watch for this in future editions of the Town Crier.

About the Author

Brian Rump is a Director on the Board of Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce, and has been involved with several community groups and initiatives focusing on economic development in Fenelon Falls. Professionally, Brian has worked with several local businesses, primarily in obtaining funding through bank loans and government grants. Brian can be reached via email at


Dance with the Fenelon Falls Skating Club this Winter

January 10, 2018
What is there to do for the Youth of Fenelon Falls if they don’t play hockey, figure skate, ski or snowboard? Not much. But the Fenelon Falls Skating Club wants to change that.
The Fenelon Falls Skating Club will be hosting youth Dances at the Fenelon Falls Legion once a month for children in Fenelon Falls and surrounding area in Grades 4-8.
The price of admission is $10.00
From 7-10pm
These event will take place on the last Friday of  the month with January being an exception due to a scheduling conflict and will take place on Jan 19th.
This is a chaperoned event and our local radio personality, Paul Wilson  from CKL Radio, has agreed to DJ these events to help out the Fenelon Falls Skating Club. This is a great way for our Youth to get out of the house, put their electronics away and have a good time.
These dances will also help the Fenelon Falls Skating Club cover increasing ice fees.