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Another Cure For The Cold

February 16, 2015

Kawartha Lake Singers upcoming events

It’s been a pretty cold winter so far and tough to find creative ways to stay warm. It’s always the extremities that seem to suffer most, but we have an enjoyable suggestion as to how you might cope with this problem. Why not keep those toes a tapping and those fingers snapping as you emote along to all those timeless tunes from the pre-war days. The aisles are also broad enough to contain even a little dancing. All you have to do to keep the weather at bay is to come along to Cambridge St. United Church on Sunday March 8th pm and help us get “Back to the Swing of Things”. This is a concert where the Kawartha Lakes Singers will really demonstrate their versatility, from softly sung ballads to hard driving.

This award winning choir has always embraced a wide ranging repertoire in every one of their seven seasons. They’ve sung everything from Bach to the Beatles, Handel to Gordon Lightfoot , Purcell to Gerschwin. They will end their season with a performance of the Missa Gaia, a modern day celebration of Mother Earth. This performance, where the choir shares music making with wolves and humpback whales, will take place at Cambridge St. United church on May 31st.

You can order tickets for $20.00 ($10.00 students) by Email at or they may be purchased at the door. So…come on in out of the cold and join us for a feast of upbeat music. We can guarantee you a warm welcome!

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