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Improving Your Health in Slow Motion (Mar. 2017)

March 2, 2017


Tai Chi is often described as meditation in motion, but according to Harvard Medical School, it should be called “medication in motion”. Harvard’s Tai Chi and Mind-Body Research program believes that the exercises are a useful part in the treatment of many conditions commonly associated with age and have been found to improve patients’ functioning and quality of life.

While the slow motion exercise will not leave you breathless, it has been demonstrated to improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance and even aerobic conditioning. Additionally, you can participate without any equipment and can find groups to join in most communities, including ours. And let’s not forget that the need for memorization of the choreographed movements will also get your grey cells working.

So if you haven’t tried it already, why not try it as part of your exercise routine?

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Mayor Announces Core Services Review (April 2015)

April 26, 2015

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Kawartha Lakes Mayor announces details of Core Service Review

KAWARTHA LAKES – Beginning immediately Kawartha Lakes Council and staff will begin undertaking a Core Service Review of all City operations.

“We need to work towards a business model that is both sustainable and responsible to our residents, our businesses and our staff,” said Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham.

Based on the City’s projected capital and operating needs there is an approximate $10 million gap in funding from 2015 to 2016.

“We didn’t get in this situation overnight and we won’t fix it overnight,” said Mayor Letham. “But we must start now to address our fiscal situation and look at the services and levels of service the City provides. Our goal is to provide services that our residents both want and can afford, no more, no less.”

Council has identified initial services and departments they will begin reviewing with reports expected back to Council from staff over the next several months.

CORE REVIEW“Our situation is not unique,” explained Mayor Letham. “Municipalities across Ontario and all across Canada are facing financial challenges. Rather than simply acknowledge the problem is bigger than just Kawartha Lakes however, we have decided to address the problem head on and find a solution that works for us today and in the future.”

As part of the Core Service Review Mayor Letham will be conducting 10 Town Hall meetings across the municipality starting April 30 in Manvers and concluding Saturday, June 13 at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre.

“I want people to understand why we need to go down this road and how we will be moving forward,” said Mayor Letham. “I will be holding a series of Town Hall meetings and residents are encouraged to contact their Ward Councillors or email the City at

“Kawartha Lakes is our City and we all have a vested interest in helping to move our municipality forward progressively and responsibly,” Mayor Letham added.