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Organic Meats and Vegetables at O’Brienview (May 2014)

May 25, 2014

O’Bienview Family Farm in Cameron is a Local Option for Organic Meat and Vegetables


O’Brienview Farm a small family run farm in Cameron that produces certified organic food products. These include Beef (Belgian Blue + Black Angus), Heritage Pork (Berkshire) and Poultry (ducks, chickens , eggs, turkeys). They also grow a large vegetable garden with a wide variety of veggies every year.

Pauline and Eric O’Brien and family are skilled at raising things: crops, cattle, pigs, chickens and children.  They have 9 kids and Pauline, who manages the farm with her family is up and working from 6am till dark.  Eric often works away from home in his profession as a Steam Fitter, along with 2 of their sons who live in the adjacent farm so farm chores fall to Pauline and the remaining family at home.

As Organic farmers the O’Briens raise all their crops and livestock using strict organic methods.  That means that they do not use chemicals on their crops, all feed is raised without chemicals and the animals themselves are not given antibiotics or any other chemical medicines. If antibiotics are required, the meat from those animals can no longer be sold as organic.

Lilly1-resized-image-520x305As the head of a large, healthy family Pauline grows as much food as possible to feed her family and she extends that to the meat and produce she sells at the Fenelon Falls Farmers’ Market and at the farm.  She strongly believes that healthy food is connected to peoples’ health.  Beef has been the mainstay of her fare at the Farmers’ Market, along with pork, chickens, turkeys and ducks occasionally on offer.

The O’Briens have built good relationships with neighbours and others in the food production business.  They believe in supporting local business and have found a lot of support from Len and Patty Thurston from the Butcher Block in Lindsay. Ron Hall Meats in Cresswell makes their sausage and smoke their meats and they cooperate with local farming families, including local Amish farmers such as the bakery and sawmill.

Customers can call 705-887-3974 or stop by the farm at 688 Country Lane in Cameron, Ontario or at the Fenelon Falls Farmers Market each Friday from 2 pm until 7 pm.  Visit their website here for more information.