Use An Ashtray (Feb. 2016)

Use An Ashtray

Nothing goes better with fishing (or most lakeside activities) than beer and smokes, but just as smoking is bad for us, butt’s are bad for the water – makes sense right? You wouldn’t drink a beer after it had a butt in it, so why would we want our fish swimming around in it. It isn’t just butt’s being thrown directly into the lakes either, it is littering butt’s anywhere. In the city streets they make their way into the storm water that in most cases is untreated and heads right back to the lake. Same idea in the country only they travel with the water in the ditch. Use an ashtray in your car, your fish hut, your dock, and your pocket if needed- and don’t blame anybody else when there is not an ashtray, it is still your garbage. 1 cigarette butt contaminates 1 litre of water!

Most of us live here because of the lakes, people cottage here because of the lakes, people plan trips here because of the lakes, and they eat at our local restaurants and use our local services because of the lakes. Our quality of life here in Kawartha Lakes depends on healthy, swimable, drinkable water bodies. 

Let us give back to the lakes- they give so much to us!

Article submitted by Julia Taylor – environmental author and Kawartha Lakes based blogger of 

The stunning local images in this post were taken by Jerry Holder- @coolhandjer follow him on twitter to check out his other breathtaking photos!

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