Waste Reduction Week in CKL (Oct. 2016)

Waste Reduction Week (October 16-22) is an annual week to focus on producing less waste in our community. 

“The City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to doing its part to reduce waste,” explains David Kerr, Manager of Environmental Services. “As part of our Integrated Waste Management Strategy we have developed several programs that will reduce the amount of waste going into our landfill sites. We depend on support from residents and businesses to make our environmental impact as minimal as possible.”

Clear Bag Waste Collection

Becoming mandatory on January 1, 2017 Clear Bag Waste Collection is expected to reduce 5-10% of the overall amount of recyclable items going into the landfill. Free clear bag samples will be available at City landfill sites during Waste Reduction Week while supplies last.

Curbside Battery Collection

More than 7,000 lbs of batteries were collected and recycled during curbside battery collection in 2016. Due to the success of this initiative, there will be two curbside battery collections in 2017 to make properly disposing of household batteries convenient for residents.

Backyard Composting

Backyard composting is a proven way to reduce waste and turn organics into a rich soil supplement. Backyard composters can be purchased at cost by contacting your nearest Municipal Service Centre. More information on the City’s backyard composting program will be release later in 2017.

Recycle Rangers: Planet Protector Program


This program is a joint initiative supported by the City of Kawartha Lakes and neighbouring municipalities. Classroom presentations educate students and teachers about reducing waste. Recycle Rangers has won widespread accolades and awards by empowering students to educate family and friends while becoming environmental leaders. Visit www.recyclerangers.ca to participate.


Residents can participate in Waste Reduction Week by visiting the “Waste & Recycling” section of the City website to learn tips and tricks for reducing waste at home.

More information is available about City waste reduction programs in the 2016 Integrated Waste Management Strategy, www.city.kawarthalakes.on.ca/residents/solid-waste-services/making-waste-matter-integrated-waste-management-strategy

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