We are Business Owners

Fenelon businesses are thrilled that so many residents support local shopping. Shop owners are thrilled to welcome in the summer tourists as early in the year as they wish to visit. And with so many fall events, and the beauty of the fall colours in and around town, lots of visitors love shopping in Fenelon Falls both in the fall and leading up to the holiday season.

Proud New Owners at Kathy's Pet Foods.  Photographer: Corrie Lee

Proud New Owners at Kathy’s Pet Foods. Photographer: Corrie Lee

Business owners like to point out that Fenelon Falls residents are not only wonderful customers, they also make the best  employees!

Read below to hear how thankful business owners are for the support they receive. You can also read about business owners who have been featured in Fenelon’s Town Crier Newsletter under Local Business Profiles.

Are you a local business owner and want to share your story with others? Please include your comments below.

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One Response to We are Business Owners

  1. Corrie Lee says:

    Shopping local benefits everyone. Supports a healthy vibrant community. Fenelon Falls has most every thing we need or it can be ordered for you. Our merchants are always ready to help in any way they can. It is part of our small town charm.

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