Were You There the Day it all Began? (Jun. 2016)

Garnet Graham Park, Canada Day 2015


The Canada Geese had taken over the park and avoiding their droppings was quite a challenge! A small group of concerned citizens formed a group called TBTB (Take Back The Beach) and for the rest of the summer of 2015 picked up after the geese on a daily basis. Going forward, the ultimate goal of this group is to help prevent the beach from being “posted”. Other factors are involved pertaining to the beach being posted, but the goose poo (call it what it is), is the main one.

“Many Hands Make Light Work”.   Our small group is looking for volunteers for approximately 1 hour a week, or every other week, to help with this community effort. We have a very flexible schedule and even if you can only help a few times over the summer, every little bit helps!

Thanks to the generosity of several local businesses, the required “tools of the trade” are available and kept at a location very close to the park. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses – Grr8 Finds, Big Event Floral and Decorating, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Kawartha Lakes Agri Services and Kawartha Lakes Home Improvements.

Quoting one of our volunteers who already contacted me to ensure that the park doesn’t get out of control like last year, “I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to what Fenelon Falls has to offer. To keep the beach clean, no matter whose responsibility it is, gives me as a citizen a great sense of pride in this home community I live in. Thanks for including me in this effort. I consider this a gift”!

Please contact:

Gay Fletcher





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